MAC Technakohl Expansion For Winter 2014

mactechnakohlphoto source – molloysie_makeup on instagram

This new expansion to the Technakohl line from MAC will be permanent and launches December 11th.

MAC Technakohl – Dec. 11 – Permanent – $16 ea.

$$$ – midtone gold bronze
Alpha-Grey – metal grey
Army Style – military deep green
Bare Asset – medium beige
Bishop Blue – blue purple
Brass Band – copper bronze metal
Broque – deep brown
Cast Iron – elephant grey
Clay – deep grey
Cool Jazz – navy blue
Counterfeit – silver grey
Funfare – bright true pink
Image Conscious – purple
Metalhead – greyish metal blue
Plank – (relaunch) – deep bronze brown
Raisinette – brown purple
Risque – pale beige
Skyscape – metallic deep sky blue
Snowed In – light peach off white
Sourpuss – acid green
Steelpoint – deep smoky metallic grey
Sterling Silver – silver
Superfly – soft black
Take The Plunge – deep ocean blue
Twinked – yellow gold with sparkles
Vent – metallic lime
Whirlpool – dark deep blue

An Eyeliner That Lasts On The Waterline – Really


When I first became an Avon representative, I knew one of the first products I had to try – Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencil. I freely admit I was attracted to it because I always saw the Pixiwoo girls using it in their videos!

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Avon Product of the Week: mark. Ultimate Hook Up Kit


Now that I’m an Avon representative I will be featuring an Avon or mark. product each week. It might be a full review, or it might just be something cool that I thought might be fun to share. This time it’s a pretty sweet deal, and a great gift idea, the mark. Ultimate Hook Up Kit.

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MAC Pro Longwear 2013 Collection


Hey who likes paint pots? The MAC Pro Longwear collection for 2013 will be your cup of tea…

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Senna Cosmetics Summer 2013 Collection Pictures & Swatches Part 2


It’s time to check out the eye products from Senna’s Summer 2013 Sunglow collection!! And what a treat…

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MAC Art of the Eye Collection Info & Photos


MAC Art of the Eye Collection

Launches 5/2/2013 at all North America MAC locations/counters. (Probably online 4/30/13)
Mid-May launch internationally.

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Ofra Cosmetics Fixline Eyeliner Review


Recently I posted my review of Ofra Cosmetics’ Makeup Fixer setting spray, which I love. Another product Ofra gave me is their Fixline Eyeliner. I’m not really a big eyeliner person in general, but I’ve been exploring it more lately so I was interested in giving this a try. [Read more…]

Free Shipping at Prestige Cosmetics

Woohoo, this just came across my inbox – you can get free standard shipping on all orders from Prestige Cosmetics now through 12/31. There’s no minimum order amount required, and no code necessary. That makes me squeal with delight because this line is already very affordable, but I hate paying as much or more than the item in shipping! New to Prestige? Find out my favs after the jump.

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Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner

First impression time! I just got this Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Perfect Peacock to try. 

I love that TF products always come packed in pink confetti. The box it was mailed in is pink too. They used to send even cuter boxes in a hot pink and white damask print. I actually used one to wrap a gift once… huge hit with my mom! See, we recycle in this house. ;)
Here’s the liner itself. Again, adorable packaging without being annoying or hindering function. The pencil is dual-ended. The bottom has a really cool foam (?) smudger. They call it the FlexiFirm smudger. Whatever it is, it’s awesome. Here’s a closer look:
It looks kind of like a pencil eraser, but it’s a lot smoother and softer to the touch. If you’ve ever used a pen with a “comfort grip” it kinda feels like that.
There’s the liner itself. It’s your standard pencil. I’m kind of sad that the cute gold detailing will eventually get sharpened away.
Here it is swatched on my super duper pale cool-toned skin. One swatch is just drawn on, and the other is smudged w/ the smudgey nubbin. The color is beautiful. It’s a peacock blue with just enough green to be teal (ever so slightly greener than in the photo, but my skin is pink so I’m not gonna fight it…). There’s shimmer but no glitter. The texture is dreamily creamy, and extremely pigmented. I barely had to touch the pencil tip to my hand to swatch it.
And finally, the waterproof test. I licked a finger and rubbed it on the swatches. I know that’s not terribly scientific (especially since that’s actually testing if it’s saliva-proof, lol), but whatever. Here’s what happened:
The smudged swatch is very faded and a little smeared. The original swatch though is only slightly changed, and didn’t smear. After this test, I had to go help wash some dishes. As I held my hand under the running water, it didn’t seem to have much effect on the swatches. However, as soon as I rubbed them under the water, I easily wiped them away without soap. 
So… are these waterproof? Yes and no. I think they would probably be fine for normal eyeliner wear. Meaning they won’t smudge and smear all over if you have oily eyelids or maybe if you tear up at a wedding. However, if you’re looking for an eyeliner to go swimming in I wouldn’t wear this one.
Overall, a solid B. I knocked it down a letter grade for calling itself waterproof when in reality I’d say it’s more like “water-resistant”. It is priced pretty reasonably at $18, and comes in six colors including Perfect Peacock. There are two shades of purple (a true purple and a blackened one) that I would love to get my paws on. 
Available at Sephora, TooFaced, and Ulta.
Thinking of picking this up to try for yourself? Ulta has free shipping on all orders $25+ through this Saturday (10/8) with code 53495. And don’t forget ebates!

Product sample provided for consideration,

Gold Eyeliner Picks For Instant Gilded Glamour!

Gold eyeliner may not be one of the few typical shades you immediately think of when it comes to rimming your eyes and completing your makeup look, but this season it’s time to go for the gold by embracing the metallic hue and ditching the tired browns, plums, and black! While silver and pewter liners may give you the wintry ice princess look, gold is a dramatic metallic that actually works to warm up your features with a look that’s not nearly as dated as it sounds, when done right!

You can let your liner be the focus of your entire look by wearing it alone, or over a subtle neutral shadow, as long as the liner is bold and concentrated enough to stand out against your skin! Try L’Oreal’s HiP Color Chrome pencil in Gold Charge or Shu Uemura’s Painting Liner in Gold for a highly-pigmented formula that really pops. To add a golden accent to your everyday look, try Benefit’s Gilded pencil on brow bones and inner and outer corners of eyes — the shade is slightly more muted for more subtle, light-reflective shimmer in just the right places. However, if you’re not afraid to dazzle, top off a gold pencil with glitter liquid liner, like Sephora Collection Glitter Eyeliner in Gold, to get the most impact from your gilded look!

– Alex Gambardella for TheFind
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