Top Hair Styles for Fall 2013


What are the top hair style trends going to be for Fall 2013? I got the scoop from stylist Mario Russo of Salon Mario Russo in Boston!

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New Hair!

I got my hurr did! :) I wanted to share it with you because I’m in love with it. The cut/length is the same (minus a bang trim since my bangs were pretty much fully grown out) but I have awesome new color! :)
My new color is a dark brunette w/ some caramelly highlights framing my face. I absolutely love the way it turned out. The base is just a hair darker than my natural color, but much warmer. It was created using a level 4 with a squirt of level 5 and came out soooo rich and lovely! I was inspired by the color combo on the lovely Mila Kunis, but we made some adjustments to the color to make it work better for me.
Oh yes, who’s we? My colorist is Stephanie Gledhill of Salon Victoria in Irvine, CA. If you’re in the OC area you should definitely go see her. She’s super sweet and easy to talk to (great if you’re getting lengthy processes done!) and fabulous at what she does. Okay, I’ll admit I’m slightly biased since I’ve known Steph since we were 4 years old (*hee*) BUT even if she weren’t a good friend of mine, she is a wonderful stylist who really knows what she is doing! She taught me a lot of what I know about hair. ;)