NARS Holiday 2013 Gifting Collection

NARS Guy Bourdin Collection Image 2

Here comes the second half of the NARS Holiday 2013 collection…the gift sets! Get your drool wiping tissues ready again kiddos. These are all availableĀ November 1st.

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NARS Holiday 2013 Color Collection

NARS Guy Bourdin Collection Image 1

This blog post should come with free tissues. To wipe up the drool. ;) I love the images for this collection. The model looks so electric! Yeah! Here’s the first half of NARS’ holiday offering – the color collection. This collection will be available starting 10/16/13 at NARS boutiques and

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Stila Artist Signature Set for Holiday 2013


The centerpiece of the Stila 2013 holiday collection is without a doubt the Artist Signature Set. This beautifully packaged gift set is a Stila girl’s dream come true. I can see this being a treasured gift to a makeup lover that they will look back on as one of their most beloved gifts!


This stunning gift set contains a plethora of beloved Stila products including 15 Lip Glazes, 8 Smudgestick Pencils, 3 deluxe sized Smudge Crayons, a dozen eye shadows, 4 blushes, and 3 makeup brushes. Also included is a booklet of how-to tricks and tips from Stila Pro artist Sarah Lucero!

Here’s a closer look at the products inside:







TheĀ Stila Artist Signature Set retails for $185, which might sound hefty but for what you’re getting I think we can all agree it’s a steal. There’s over $150 in lip gloss alone! If you’re looking to get your paws on this set, it hits stores on October 17th.