China Glaze Hologlam Collection

china glaze logo

I posted a sneak peek of the China Glaze Hologlam collection ages ago, and it’s one of the most popular posts on the blog of all time. Sooo I guess y’all like some HOLO POLISH! Well now that I have the collection in my hot little hands, here are some more pictures. Because who doesn’t love some good nail polish porn yeah?

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Sneak Peek: China Glaze Hologlam Collection

Who loves some holographic glitter? Uh, just about everyone. Using the same sparkly wonder-technology of the beloved China Glaze OMG collection, they’ve developed Hologlam for 2013. They were nice enough to let me take some pictures. Sooo…how excited are you?! Sorry the pictures are so huge, but they’re so sparkly I wanted to make sure you could see the beauty!

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