Inglot Fall In Love Collection Info & Pictures

fall in love indication

Inglot’s new fall release consists of 5 shimmering metallic shades that are repeated on their AMC Eyeliner Gel, Freedom System Eye Shadow, and Nail Enamels. Did you know that Inglot eye products are all 100% vegan?

This collection is available now at, Inglot boutiques, and select Macy’s locations.

INGLOT eyeliner gels

Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliners “Fall in Love” collection – $12 ea.
CW from top Right: Silver Blues, Golden Brown, Fine Pine, Fields of Gold, and Rose Mist

INGLOT freedom system eye shadows

Inglot Freedom System Shadows (pictured here in a 5-pan palette, but the shadows come separately) – $7 ea
L to R: Golden Brown, Fields of Gold, Fine Pine, Silver Blues, and Rose Mist

INGLOT nail enamels 226-230

Inglot Fall in Love Nail Enamel – $10 each
Silver Blues, Fine Pine, Field of Gold, Rose Mist, Golden Brown

The Makeup Show LA 2013 in Pictures


I did something kinda different with this particular show…I decided to stick to mainly images instead of just rambling on and on about how awesome it all was. These pics speak for themselves!

Inglot AMC Lipgloss Swatches

Walking into an Inglot boutique is like a sensory orgasm, I swear. There’s awesome things to look at and touch all over the store. However, the AMC Lipglosses especially caught my eye. Inglot’s AMC stands for Advanced Makeup Components. I get the sense that it’s sort of like MAC’s pro products. These glosses aren’t big on pigment, but the color and effect is ridiculous! As in amazingly COOL looking. Like you see it and you just need to have it. Or at least, that’s how I felt! I picked up 2 of these glosses, which don’t have names (just numbers). I got #541, which is a milky blue that looks literally like it’s electric and glowing. I also got #545, which has a firey orange base but tons of prismatic effect that also reflects a rainbow and looks glowy and electric. The sales associate told me the bluish gloss helps make your teeth look whiter!

AMC Lipgloss is available at Inglot for $15.

Inglot AMC Lipgloss #541
Inglot AMC Lipgloss #545
Inglot AMC Lipgloss #541 & #545 swatched on pale cool skin, photographed indoors by a window (natural light).
Inglot AMC Lipgloss #541 on otherwise bare lips. You can see a bit of the purple-blue flash on my lower lip. It’s very difficult to photograph, but you can definitely see it in real life.
Don’t worry, I’ll have a lip swatch of Inglot AMC Lipgloss #545 in an upcoming post. ;) These lipglosses are so cool. They’re not very sticky, and have a doefoot applicator. They feel nice on the lips and smell vaguely fruity. The scent reminds me of EOS Starfruit lip balm.

Inglot Eyeshadows

I finally got off my lazy ass and went over to Fashion Island to explore the Inglot store. I know, I know, what was taking me so long? I don’t know either. :) I did haul a bit, but that was kinda to be expected since HELLO it’s Inglot. But you know what? You can haul on Inglot now too! If you’re in the U.S., they now have e-commerce. YAY. Check it out at!

I ended up getting a filled 10-palette of eyeshadows, which might sound like it cost me a fortune but I assure you Inglot shadows are very affordable. The 10-pan palette is $20 if you buy it by itself, but if you buy it filled it drops to $5. And the more shadows you buy, the cheaper they are. I got square pans. If you get 1 or 2, they’re $7 each. Already way cheaper than a MAC shadow…but it gets even better! If you buy 3 to 9, they’re $5 each. Then finally if you get 10 or more, they’re just $4.50 each. So for $50, you get 10 eye shadows in the palette. Not too bad considering for 10 eyeshadows plus a 15-pan palette at MAC you’re looking at well over $100.

Inglot shadows come packaged in little plastic clamshells like Stila and mark. pans do.

Adding even more to the value of Inglot shadows, they’re 2.7g or .09 oz of product. If you’re wondering how that compares to other shadows, MAC pans are 1.5g or .05 oz. MUFE singles are .08 oz, but will set you back $19 each. So basically, you are getting a lot of eye shadow for your money.

Plus, these palettes are better made. They’re extremely sturdy plastic, and held together with VERY strong magnets. They’re also stackable! So if you wanted to put 3 or 4 palettes on top of one another and just one lid on top, you could do that. Except honestly I do not recommend it because that would be HEAVY. These have some definite heft to them. They are much thicker and stronger than MAC palettes. If you are a makeup artist wanting to exclusively use the Inglot system, you might want to invest in a case that has wheels! ;)

Empty Inglot 10-shadow palette
See what I mean? These have some thickness! Rawr.
I love how the lid is translucent so I can see what shadows are in the palette. For now I just have one, but in the future when I have others this will be awesome.
And now for the shadows themselves. I purchased 10 shadows that represent 3 of the 5 finishes (DS or Double Sparkle, AMC, Pearl, AMC Shine, and Matte). I got DS, AMC, and Pearl shadows. I tested tons of shadows though, and there weren’t really any stinkers in the bunch, texture-wise. The Double Sparkle formula is actually really awesome as far as glitter goes. 
I tried to pick a good representative of cool, neutral, and warmish shades. I’m happy with every single one!
Top Row L to R: AMC Shine 35 (white), AMC Shine 36 (cool silver with reflects), and Pearl 444 (TAUPE!)
Bottom Row L to R: DS 482 (Blurple with pink/blue shimmer), Pearl 434 (cool plummy taupe), Pearl 423 (reddened plum brown)
Top Row L to R: Pearl 419 (khaki but not too golden with pearl), Pearl 397 (the top picture of the whole palette is more color-accurate; it’s a pinked beige with pearl that looks way prettier swatched than in the pan)
Bottom Row L to R: DS 457 (warm rich chocolaty brown with gold sparkle), DS 461 (neutral beige with gold sparkle)

Today for work I just did a quick look with P397, DS457, and DS461, and I am extremely happy to report not one fleck of fallout. No, really. I applied the shadows mostly with a MAC 239 brush. No. Fallout. And very pigmented! I will do swatch photos soon, but I wanted to get this up right away because I’m just so excited to share the pretties with you! I checked back over the Inglot website and I must say the product swatches on their site are pretty accurate. In the past if I ever saw a shadow that had a matte base but lots of added glitter, I’d RUN. But these are very nice. I used a slightly tacky base (Urban Decay Primer Potion) and not one speck of glitter fell onto my cheeks. AWESOME. 
So far I’m definitely on the Inglot bandwagon. I can’t wait to play with these more and give you a full report on the colors soon. If you have any questions that I haven’t covered here please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll do my best. :)