Mad Minerals Creme Shadow Swatches

For these swatches, click the image to view it full sized. =)
L to R top row: Ever After, Immortal, Bare Necessity, Nude Frost, Plumkin, Intergalactic, Brownie Points, Fathom
L to R bottom row: Carbon, Forest, Curacao
Please note: these are sheer swatches. All of these colors are very buildable! And please also be advised that Bare Necessity does not look orangey on my eyes, it’s just that my arms are SO very pale and pink that just about anything neutral actually turns up looking orange lol. 
Here is a much better swatch of Curacao (L) and Immortal (R). Immortal is my favorite. It’s TAUPE, guys! Gorgeous one at that.
Aaaand my camera battery is dead but when it charges I’ll do my simple work-friendly look with these and take pics of that. :)
Mad Minerals indellible creme eyeshadows are available from Mad’s site recently got a makeover! Check it out! Tell Barb that The Gloss Menagerie sent you when you order. ;)