Minx Nails from Marinello Schools of Beauty

At The Makeup Show LA the lovely people from Marinello Schools of Beauty offered a free Minx manicure to members of the press. I have never gotten a Minx manicure before, so I jumped at the chance. 
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Minx nails, they’re an adhesive nail design that adheres to your nails with heat, basically. Then they are trimmed and filed to fit. They can last weeks if you want them to. I was told if they start to lift you can just heat them with a blow dryer and press them back into place. I love my Minx nails! I think they look awesome and would totally get them again.
The reason Marinello was doing Minx manicures was to promote the fact that select Marinello locations are now offering Minx manicures as a service to the public for the low price of $25. That’s a REALLY good deal as the places around me charge $50+ for a Minx manicure, and $70-$80 for a pedicure.
Apparently not all the campuses are offering them, but you can find a list of the campuses on their website and call to check. There are Marinello schools in AZ, CA, CT, KS, MA, NV, OR, and UT!