Daiso/Mitsuwa Haul

It seems like this was a long time ago when in fact it was only about a week ago! I met up at Daiso with Mai of Portrait of Mai. Neither of us had ever been to Daiso before but we were really excited. For those of you who don’t know, Daiso is a Japanese dollar store, except everything is $1.50 unless otherwise noted. We also stopped off at Mitsuwa afterward!

This Daiso is pretty new, the first one to Orange County actually. It’s about time!!!! It’s in the same shopping center as a Mitsuwa, which is a Japanese market and food court. I was thrilled enough to have a Mitsuwa, and then when Daiso opened a short time afterward I was thrilled! As you can see, I did a lot of hauling! My entire spend at Daiso was about $21, then I got some stuff at Mitsuwa too. This picture doesn’t include three things I got for Mr. Boyfriend. :)

Mai and I are both totally in love with Hi Chews, which are a soft chewy candy sort of like Starburst. I got a bag of Strawberry, and small packs of Apple, Peach, and Mango. As you can see, I had to dig in to my haul right away – the Apple Hi Chews are already open, as well as another bag of random gummi candy I picked up which just had gummis in Apple and Mango flavor in it. Noticing a theme? And of course, you pretty much can’t go into any Japanese stores without buying some Pocky. I got a box for me and a box for Mr. Boyfriend. Yummy.

Beauty-related! We were on the hunt for this brush washing soap which is apparently the most amazing brush shampoo ever but we didn’t find it. Womp womp. But I did get some little teeny travel bottles that will be PERFECT for my trip to Chicago this weekend! There’s 2 spray bottles and a little set that has 1 flip-top bottle and 1 tiny jar. I plan on decanting some of my hair products into those spray bottles because they take up a ton of room in a suitcase otherwise. I decided to try a face mask (far left). It comes in 2 little pods so you get 2 uses. It’s a pomegranate mask. Wish me luck with that one! Then I also decided to try a peach lip balm. Yum? Let’s hope?

I was also delighted to see a little mini spray bottle of Hyaluronic Acid toner (that’s the little blue bottle on the upper left). That will come in handy to rehydrate my skin after I have been on a plane, and the bottle is a small enough size to go in my 1-qt bag. The bigger bottle next to it is something I was raving to Mai about, Mandom Cleansing Express!!! What’s that, you may ask? Only the greatest makeup remover ever! This is my third bottle of it. That came from Mitsuwa, where it was around $13.

Then, completely unrelated to anything– set of colored pens! For $1.50! I love pens. :)

I had a blast, got some yummy treats and some awesome stuff, and best of all I got to meet Mai, who is delightful! She’s the only other OC beauty blogger I know, so I’m really happy we got to hang.

Let me know if you want full reviews of anything!