Name Dropping: Nail Edition

As a beauty blogger I often get asked what my favorite ________ is, so I decided to do a post with all my favorite nail-related goodies. Hope this information is helpful or informative for you! :)
Favorite Nail Prep Products

Before your manicure you must prep the nails. I like to buff and file mine if they need it, and then apply a base coat. I buff with cheap nail blocks that I get from just about any nail supply. I heard glass files were “the best” so I got one years ago from Sephora. Surprisingly, it’s actually still in stock – check it out. It serves me pretty well, but I also really like these mini files from Tweezerman a lot. They’re the classic emery board files with cute polka dots. What’s not to love?! They’re more purse-friendly since I don’t have to worry about breaking them. I have several cheap nail clippers too. I like to keep them all around the house in case of broken nails or hang nails that need snipping, but I lose them all the time too so I get the cheapest ones I can find. 
Before I start painting my nails I apply Seche Rebuild. This is an amazing product that helps fuse the nail plate to make stronger, more durable nails. If you have nails that break easily or crack/split a lot, you need this in your life. Don’t ask questions, just buy it. You’re welcome. By the way I’ve also tried Orly Nail Armor and I like Seche Rebuild better because it dries to a smooth surface. Nail Armor has silk fibers so if you wear it by itself it’s noticeable, whereas Rebuild is not. If you know you’ll never wear it without polish over it, Nail Armor is still a good choice too.
For a base coat, I really like Zoya Anchor. I have experimented with Orly Bonder but the Zoya Color Lock System is better. I haven’t yet tried the Zoya ridge filler yet, but I plan to.
Favorite Nail Polish Brands

It’s impossible to truly narrow down to just a few favorites, but the brands I like a lot are: China Glaze, Essie, OPI, Zoya, LA Girl (for the glitters), and even though I only have a few – Butter London. Honorable mentions go to Wet ‘n Wild and NYX. There are bunches I’ve never tried that I would like to, such as Nubar, Nfu Oh, Rescue Beauty Lounge, and probably dozens more. 

Seche Vite is a cult favorite in the nail polish world. I think it’s alright. The thickening thing that it does is really annoying; I hate to have to buy a companion product to use to keep it usable long enough to use the whole bottle. I have a product by Nailene called Miracle Maker Top & Base Coat that is fan-freaking-tastic. The problem is it seems to only come with their French Tip Pen kits. And of course there is Zoya Armor. That is probably the topcoat I go to the most. Like I said above, the Zoya Color Lock System is really great. 
Removing Polish

This should shock no one…my favorite nail polish remover is Zoya Remove+. I have 2 of the 8 oz flipper bottles. I love everything about this product. The packaging is genius, the product itself is purple, and it really works well to remove all of your nail polish quickly.
Well there you have it! If you want to see my nail polish collection, check out my video on youtube!