10% Off Plus Sizes at Forever 21

Hey all my fellow plus size ladies…just wanted to pass along that Forever 21 has 10% off their plus size selection now through 11/5/13. Simply use the code F21PLUSOFFER.

If you want some shopping suggestions, I picked out a few of my fav items as well as the perfect accessories to pair with them! Take a look…


#1. Pleated Geo Button Jacket ($29.80) – This unique jacket is feminine and also edgy with the geo buttons. I’d continue the juxtaposition of feminine + edgy with the accessories, using these wide calf harness boots ($42.80) and pearl spiked rings ($6.80). Outfit-wise there’s a lot you can do. I’d probably opt for dark denim and simple tee.

#2. Sorry Not Sorry Raglan Sweatshirt ($22.80) – I love this sweatshirt. I’ve been known to use and abuse the #sorrynotsorry hashtag from time to time, so I would totally rock this. Since if I were wearing a sweatshirt I wouldn’t want to bother with a bunch of jewelry, I thought these studded hightops ($39.80) were the perfect pairing with this sassy sweater. The “Rad” mirror compact ($3.80) was just an extra bit of fun I thought was cute.

#3. Bold Striped Hi-Low Skirt ($19.80) – I never jumped on the high-low skirt trend before, but I would for this skirt. I love the stripes, and I like that this skirt shows a little bit of leg (but not too much). I don’t like showing a lot of skin in general, but a little peek is kind of fun. ;) As we get into cooler weather I could see this looking cute with either pumps or heeled boots and a blazer. For this post I accessorized the skirt with these multi-tonal bangles ($4.80) and a fun red umbrella ($9.80).

#4. Spotted Textured Combo Dress ($24.80) – The first of 2 “LBDs” I picked. I love the black on black texture of the bodice of this dress, and the floaty chiffon skirt. Sure it’s a little bare for winter, but you could easily put on some tights and a sweater with this cute little frock. For the accessories, I kept with the cat theme and chose this awesome cat charm bracelet ($7.80) and super cute cat iPhone case ($8.80).

#5. Elegant Draped Fit & Flare Dress ($32.80) – I just loved the flattering drapes of this cute LBD. It’s a classic style that you could wear to a variety of occasions. I’d wear it with some tights and black booties and a little shell cardigan for holiday parties. Accessory-wise I wanted to glam it up a bit since it’s a basic black dress. I picked a very much on-trend gold metallic ponytail cuff ($3.80) and a studded wrap bracelet ($8.80).

Pink Shoes Make Me Happy

Today, my dear Phyrra posted about purple shoes on her blog, and it made me SO happy! I can’t even really put my finger on why. But I love purple shoes. And so here’s my inspired post…about pink shoes! Take a lookie!



Pink Shoes


Crocs Adrina Flat Review

I’ve been rocking a couple pairs of cute new shoes this summer, and everyone I’ve shown them to has been blown away by one thing: they’re Crocs! Yes, Crocs. Fashionistas everywhere have made Crocs the butt of many jokes, and even fans often said they wore them despite their appearance and not because of it. The classic croc clogs (seen below) may indeed be super comfortable, but not exactly the most flattering or attractive silhouette.

But Crocs have come a long way since the classic clog! The latest styles from Crocs are finally pairing the undisputed comfort of Crocs with something my fashionista friends won’t disown me for wearing. 
80s throwback fashion has been popular lately, and the “jelly shoe” is back in full force. One of the pairs of Crocs I’ve been wearing, the Adrina Flat, is Crocs’ take on the retro jelly style.
I have the exact pair pictured above. The color combo is called Ultraviolet/Berry, and the color is extremely true to what you see online. Unlike a lot of my flats, they have a decent thick sole to them that offers a lot of support. The heel of the shoe feels like your heels are on a cloud. They’re so ridiculously comfortable. The Adrina Flat retails for $39.99, which I think is a great price for a versatile summer shoe you can run around and do errands in, and wear to the pool or beach all while looking adorable. They look really cute with jeans, or even dresses/skirts. For even more versatility, they also come in brown and black (and some other bright colors too!). 
These shoes are great for everyday activities. If you plan on walking a lot of extreme distance, I wouldn’t recommend these – I’d recommend an actual walking shoe. But for something comfy for a walk to the park with the dog or running around after kids? Perfect. The fact that the shoes are “plastic” (Crocs calls their proprietary material Crosslite – and it’s antimicrobial!) makes them easy for outdoor activities because they can get wet! If you get dirty or muddy, just hose them off! My other concern about wearing these was that due to them being a plastic-like material, would my feet sweat? It’s summer! It’s hot! It’s a valid concern. But I did not have any problems with these – I can’t say that about my old jellies from childhood! 
Overall, if you’re having any doubts about Crocs – get these. They’re so worth it! And don’t forget to use Ebates when you order for 5% cash back. ;) I’m dying to get my paws on the Leigh Wedge next!
Sample received for editorial purposes. Ebates link contains referral.

Where I Shop

Since I love to shop, and surely at least some of you do too ;) I thought I’d share my favorite places to shop online. I’d love to know where you like to shop too!


As I’ve mentioned here and on Twitter, I am plus sized and finding cute clothes is a challenge. Then again, isn’t finding cute clothes a challenge no matter what size you are? Anyway… the places I shop most often for clothes are Old Navy and Lane Bryant. I like Old Navy because it’s cheap and they have sales all the time. I’m pretty sure every one of my jeans is from Old Navy as well. I like that the short inseam is the perfect length for me. Sometimes I wear the plus size jeans and sometimes I wear the regular women’s jeans. Either one is fine. I like the Diva cut and the Sweetheart cut. I also have some skinnies from ON that I’m very much obsessed with. I have posted before about the Old Navy lace thong that is like Hanky Panky but for $5, well it seems they discontinued them. HEARTBROKEN over that! But they still have another of my fashion staples – the bra cami. I don’t use the bralet inside as my bra, I wear it over my regular bra. But those camis add so much more support, and are great for the gym or for under work clothes. Speaking of bras (and work clothes!) that’s what I mostly get from Lane Bryant. Their right fit trousers are great for work, as are their “perfect shirts” – that’s the short sleeved button down shirt that they always have in whatever the season’s colors are. I also love Cacique bras. I don’t own any bras that aren’t from Cacique. They’re the absolute best I have ever tried. When I was unemployed I tried to save money by getting cheaper bras from Walmart and they just fell apart in a few months whereas I’ve had Cacique bras that lasted years. They’re kind of expensive, but they go on sale a lot and are almost always buy one get one half off. Sweet!

I do shop other places for clothes, but that’s where I have gotten the most stuff. I also have a few things from Torrid, though I find their clothes to frequently be overpriced and not the greatest quality sometimes, and a few things from Gap too. I also find great workout clothes at Target. Their sports bras are awesome. Recently I found out about the ASOS Curve line, and I think as soon as I can afford it I’m going to be splurging on some of the fantastic pieces there. If any of you have any of the ASOS Curve line please tell me how you like it! I’m also really curious about the Curvy Plus line from ShopRuche.com. I saw their ad on Facebook and it looked cool so I bookmarked it. Everything seems to be low inventory though, and sells out quickly. Lame.

Other assorted plus sized sites I frequently stalk and drool over are: Alight, PlusSizeFix, Kiyonna, and B & Lu. I like to look at the plus size offerings from Forever 21 on occasion, but on the few trips I’ve taken to try stuff on, the clothes have fit me really weird. I’ve been told Wet Seal‘s plus line is good, and they often have really cute things on the site, but I haven’t tried any of it. If you’re not shopping online, go to Ross. I have gotten some really cute dresses there, including a plum stunner that I get complimented on virtually every time I wear it, and it was only $15 or so.


Sooo….I’m not much of an accessories person normally. In high school I used to wear all sorts of gaudy, super tacky plastic jewelry. After high school when I entered the work world I ditched all my cheap jewelry but never really bothered to replace it with “grown up” jewelry. The jewelry I wear nowadays is still cheap, but it’s a lot less juvenile and very rarely is it plastic ;). The majority of my jewelry is from Forever 21, but I have found some really nice things at Charlotte Russe, and I got some great bangles from Torrid. I still have a few pairs of Claire’s earrings, but they’re the least tacky ones I had from that era. My prized earrings are a little pair of silver bow earrings by Juicy Couture that came from an outlet.

As far as non-jewelry accessories go, I don’t do those too often either. Except headbands. I’m obsessed with headbands and I wear them a lot. I used to be a total hat person but I’ve gotten rid of a lot of my hats because I never wore them. I also have a scarf I got from Walmart (! I know, I know) that looks surprisingly classy.

If you’re looking for unique and not super expensive accessories, Etsy is a great place to look too. And of course, my new love – ASOS. They have gorgeous accessories. I have one other guilty pleasure – designer sunglasses. I have 4 pairs of designer shades (2 Coach, 1 Betsey Johnson, and 1 Dolce & Gabana). All of them were purchased at outlets. You can get such great deals on designer sunglasses at places like Saks Off 5th, Nordstrom Rack, and in the case of the Betsey Johnson sunnies, Ideeli.


Ivy over at Jeweled Thumb will hate me for saying this, but I love cheap shoes. Some of my favorite shoes are from Payless. However, I also like nicer shoes (thanks to a gentle erm, kick in the right direction from Ivy!). When I want nicer shoes without spending a ton of money I turn to DSW, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, and Piperlime. Nordstrom Rack and places of its ilk are great for shoe shopping on a budget as well.

So how about you…? Where do you shop?

Fabulous Fashion Find – At Payless!

I don’t post fashion-related posts very much. Mostly this is because I do not in any way consider myself a fashionista, and there are gazillions of blogs devoted to fashion that could do it much better than I can!

Recently I was trolling the aisles of Payless with my mom. She finally wore her faithful black sandals into the ground, and with some gentle prodding (*ahem* my stepdad grabbed the shoes and literally threw them out into the yard) was convinced it was time for new shoes. Being that Payless has BOGO (buy one get one half off) right now, Mom scored! She got 3 pairs of shoes. If you’re interested, she got these (in both colors) and these. Since she got an odd number of pairs, she treated me to pick out a pair since they would be half off.

Payless has a ton of cute flats right now. I was there hunting for heels, but the inexpensive comfy flats won me over in the end (hence why I have so few heels– this happens a lot!). I wound up taking home their Audrey flat from the American Eagle line (one of Payless’ house brands). Online they are listed at $19.99 and available in fewer colors. In the store, they’re $10! So my cute pair of flats ended up breaking the bank at just $5 after BOGO discount. I chose blue, which I don’t see online. They’re absurdly comfortable, a great color, and just all around cute! I have other colors on my radar because I’m one of those people who buys multiples in many colors when I find something I love. I really have my eye on the purple and black! Doing the quick math, buying both purple and black would set me back $15 + tax after BOGO. Dude. 

Do you shop at Payless? What budget-friendly fashion finds have YOU discovered lately? I want to know! :)
Shoes awesomely provided by my mommy! :)