Win Prizes from SOHO Beauty!


SOHO Beauty has a couple of really cool giveaways going on all this year on Facebook that I wanted to share with all of you, because the prizes are awesome!

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Win My SOHO Brushes! (CLOSED)

Hey hey pretties (ladies and gents both!)! A few days ago I posted a review of five SOHO Beauty brushes from their professional collection. Well guess what! I have extras of all of them to give away to you! [Read more…]

SOHO Beauty Professional Brushes Review

SOHO Beauty makes small train cases and makeup bags, but they recently launched a line of makeup brushes that I was very excited to try and review. Of new product reviews I think brushes excite me the most. I don’t know why, but they just do. I’m a brush junkie. There, I admitted it. That’s the first step right? But I don’t want help with my brush addiction. :) ANYWAY. I was offered the chance to pick out some brushes to review. They have 2 lines of brushes, their Professional collection and their Silk collection. All of the brushes I tried are from the Professional collection.

Professional Kabuki Brush ($19.99) – I was really interested to try this brush because of its unique handle shape. As you can see it is rounded to a point. It has a little base to sit in, kind of like a poached egg! I thought it was too cute to pass up! The bristles are goat, and quite soft. However, I think I’ve become pretty spoiled with my synthetic brushes because I just like how they feel better than natural hair brushes now. As far as goat brushes go though, they did a pretty good job with this one. It’s dense without being obnoxious to clean, and I really like the handle design. It’s a lot easier to use than other kabukis I have. I use this for blending blush/contour etc. As far as using it for powder foundation, you could if you only want a light coverage or don’t mind doing lots of buffing. My dry skin gets irritated if I buff too much, so I prefer a softer synthetic flat topped brush for getting the most coverage quickly. But for blending or a light dusting of powder this brush is fab!

Professional Powder Brush ($16.99) – Okay I really love this brush. It’s pretty soft and doesn’t shed. I like to use this brush with my ELF Complexion Perfection powder. The ergonomic handle is kind of ‘whatever’ – not a huge factor for me because I hold the brush by the ferrule usually when I use it – more control that way. But this is really all you could ask for from a nice big fluffy powder brush. I’ve also used it for a very light diffused application of blush once or twice, but that’s not what I usually do. Like the kabuki, it’s very soft but not quite as soft as my synthetics.

Professional Crease Brush ($8.99) – This crease brush is another Randy Jackson product for me. In other words, “it was just okay for me, dog”. It’s pretty darn big to use for a crease actually. I have pretty big eyes but I think you could quite easily overdo it if you used this brush to lay down color in your crease. It is way too big for precise application. However, for those of you who like to windshield wiper style blend your colors, you will like this. It has a lot of give and bend to the brush so again, not super precise. But for a quick all over blended effect it’s functional. I like taking big fluffy brushes like this and a bit of my face powder and using them to diffuse the edges of my eye looks. This brush would also be good for lightly powdering the under eye area to set concealer. As a creasework tool though I’m not too fond of it.

Professional Angled Blender Brush ($8.99) – This was the brush I was most excited to try, and I’m really bummed because it’s so close to what I wanted it to be. It has soft angled brushes, but a full head that you can’t really see from this angle. It’s like a fluffy little “foot” you can blend with. Like an angled flat top I guess…but eye sized! So what’s the problem? It’s too…for lack of a better word, floppy. Even when I’m blending I still want precision, and I wasn’t able to quite achieve what I wanted to with this brush because the bristles have too much give and bend. Bummer. It’s very soft and feels nice on my eye though, at least!

Professional Small Shader Brush ($9.99) – You guys seriously don’t want to know how many brushes like this I have in my kit. It’s similar to a Stila #7, which I adore, and have 3 of. Seriously. 3. But I love me some shader brushes! I use them for just about everything. If I had to only use one eye shadow brush ever it would be something shaped similarly to this one. I really like this brush, and will continue to use it for my eye shadow looks. However, I practically find them all interchangeable. The only thing that really distinguishes this one from the masses is the handle. For this brush I like the ergonomic handle. I can hold it like a pen and get pretty good control. I like that the bristles come to a point, too.

Based on my experience with these brushes, I would recommend the face brushes for sure. I really like my pair of face brushes. I’m not 100% sold on the eye brushes, but I do like that shader. There’s a few other eye brushes in the professional line that I haven’t tried, so I’m not quite ready to say yay or nay on the eye brush line as a whole. I’d say they’re decent enough to check out if you’ve been curious! You can get them at Walgreens or from their online shop.