2012 Stila Warehouse Sale

The Stila Warehouse Sale is back! They haven’t had one of these in a while, so I thought it was worth posting about even though I’ve mentioned the basics of what you need to know before, it never hurts to have a refresher. First, the basics…

When: Saturday July 28th, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Where: The Doll Factory 1910 West Temple St. Los Angeles CA 90026

So if you’re in the area and want to cruise by, here’s what you need to know so you don’t make an ass of yourself or get very disappointed.

– Get there early. It says 8, but people start lining up EARLY. Getting there at 6 isn’t unreasonable. Bring some Starbucks and a buddy or a book or something.

– If you know you can’t or won’t be getting there early, bring water. It’s LA in July. It’s going to get hot waiting in line. Wear sun screen. Be smart!

– Don’t bring that giant purse or diaper bag or (god forbid) a STROLLER with you. They won’t let you in with it.

– They only let a few people inside at a time. It keeps things orderly so it isn’t a mad rush. Once you’re inside, they won’t rush you out. You have plenty of time to browse, swatch (usually there are testers), and decide. No need to push or shove. I’m serious, I got shoved a couple times before – totally unnecessary!

– Speaking of which…there are TESTERS. Don’t open products and swatch them on yourself! Either wait for someone to be done with the tester, or if you’re not sure where it is ASK SOMEONE on the staff to help you. Don’t just help yourself to a new tester.

– They take cash or credit card.

– There is a purchase limit, but it’s $600. And with the prices as low as they are, you’ll be fine. ;)

– Be nice to the staff. They’re there on a Saturday.

So what will be for sale at the warehouse sale? Usually it’s their Last Chance items, along with some core items. Previous holiday sets and palettes will probably be there, along with the odd bundle of things. For example one year I was there, they bundled together a bag of 6 eye shadows for like $28. Pretty good deal considering they’re usually $18 apiece, no? They were great basic shades like Chinois, Moonlight, Dune, etc.

So, who’s going? :)

Quick Weekend Recap

Hey everyone…

This weekend was super busy for me! I went to the Stila Warehouse Sale on Saturday morning (early morning!!), and then booked it over to Topanga Mall to meet the one and only Napoleon Perdis! He did my makeup and I learned some nifty techniques.

So, I was planning on some awesome posts complete with tons of photos…except my memory card had other plans. I know I’ve tweeted about this, but for those who don’t follow me on Twitter, my card corrupted itself and all of the picture files were damaged. I am investigating a free software to repair jpegs headers, but I haven’t found something yet. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know! I will work on that for the next couple days. If it’s looking like the photos are a lost cause, I’ll go ahead and do the re-cap posts without them (*weep*).

Stila Warehouse Sale December 09

The Stila Warehouse Sale is BACK!
When: Dec 5th, 8am – 3pm
Where: 1161 Vine St. Hollywood CA
Discount: 50 – 80% off retail prices
$600 spending limit per customer. Cash & Major Credit Cards accepted.
Tips from a Stila Warehouse Sale veteran…
– Get there EARLY. There will be a line at the door before 8 am. Might be wise to bring an ipod or something to read as you may be waiting a while. They typically only allow a group into the sale at a time so it isn’t chaos.
– Wear sunscreen. Even though it’s December, if you’re standing around outside on a sunny day you can get burned.
– Bring breakfast. Stop at Starbucks first, get something warm, and sit tight. Sucker in Bring a friend to keep you company.
– Do not bring your giant purse. In fact, don’t bring any purse. Stuff your necessary cash or plastic into a pocket. Purses aren’t allowed inside.
– When offered, do take a plastic bag.
– Do not push, shove, kick, bite, pull hair of, scratch, etc. other people to get the makeup you want. :)
– Be nice to the Stila staffers (especially the guy at the door!); it’s a really long day for them!
What I Have Seen in the Past…
– Special sale-only bundles for great prices
– Brushes at ridiculous discounts ($5 each…? yes please.)
– Palettes at amazing discounts, including discontinued palettes.
– Gift sets
– Perfumes
– Eyeshadow pans
– Blush pans
– Lip glazes
…and much more. :) Yes some of the things are discontinued items, and other things are recent items.
Will you be checking out the Stila Warehouse Sale? Let me know so we can meet up!
If you’re in the Orange County area and you want to car pool, let me know!