The Casualty

I spent all day barefaced because it was day 3 of Pounding Headache. And as much as the break from makeup was nice, I really have a ton of things to play with right now!! Arrived in the mail recently:

– Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Gunmetal (shimmerwash)
– Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Black Plum (matte)
– MAC lipglass in Style Minx
– MAC lipstick in Utterly Frivolous
– Everyday Minerals long handled kabuki
– the Coastal Scents 28 color NEUTRAL PALETTE

I swatched all the colors in the neutral palette. This palette is gorgeous! Run out and get one. I can’t show pics because my camera is still byoki (sick), but take my word for it– BEAUTIFUL. I haven’t played with the Bobbi Brown stuff because I have to send my swap partner her end first. But in the pan they look really pretty. They’re my first BB items. :)

Style Minx l/g is the brightest pink lipgloss I’ve ever freaking seen. Holy crap. It blows pink poodle RIGHT out of the water. I am sooo excited to try this, but I have to wait until I send my swap partner her end.

I had my first major casualty this week. I haven’t been able to write about it yet because it upset me too much. My MAC Fun N Sexy lipstick arrived completely melted. Ugh. So sad. I almost cried. I was certainly in a very grumpy mood over it. I plan on melting it down and pouring it into an empty lip balm tube. The good news is I managed to find another one for a very reasonable price on Ebay, so I’m not going without “the precious”. :) But it’s the first time anything limited edition or discontinued has come damaged, so I was pretty upset. I have asked the seller of my new Fun N Sexy to use insurance! Lesson learned.