Coming Soon: The Makeup Show LA

It’s only a little over a month away, so I don’t think it’s too soon to tell you all how excited I am to go to The Makeup Show LA this year! TMSLA is the largest pro-only show of its kind in LA, and features exhibitors and education from some of the top pros of the industry. 
It’s a great opportunity to have all these great pro-driven brands under one roof! I’m definitely going to be hitting up Make Up For Ever, Inglot, & Crown Brush, stocking up at Embryolisse, and checking out any brands that I’m not familiar with. 
One of those that I’m not familiar with, but definitely curious about is Biobliss. They claim to have an anti-wrinkle treatment that is toxin-free and produces results in under an hour. I don’t have a huge concern with wrinkles, but a claim like that got my attention! And there’s also Michael Marcus cosmetics, a line I haven’t had the pleasure of playing with before either. Sometimes there are brands I’ve only seen online that I finally get to experience in person, like the makeup bags from Kim Greene, or the mink eyelashes by Velour. I’ve seen them on Youtube, but never in person! I’ll also be looking in at LashX, a brand that does mink lash extensions and has an interesting cleanser to go along with them (removes makeup without damaging the bonds of the extensions). By the way, both LashX and Velour lashes are cruelty free. LashX’s are synthetic mink, and Velour’s lashes are made from mink from live animals (the hairs are brushed and then sterilized). By the way, how cool would it be to have your job be just to hang out and brush little minks all day? They’re actually really cute. They look kinda like ferrets. 
Mink! Awww.
It might sound silly but I’m really excited that Kiss is going to be there as well. I’ve seen SO many blog posts and youtube videos featuring their nail decals and I can never find them in my drugstores. So for completely selfish reasons I’m excited they’ll be there. Perhaps I can stock up on goodies, and find out first-hand what stores in OC should have the adorable holiday creations Kiss releases every year. Also, T3 Micro will have a booth there and I hope (fingers crossed!) they’re doing demos with their products. I love my T3 hair dryer, but I’m always looking for tips on how to use it. What better place to learn than from T3 themselves?
If you are reading this and thinking “omg! I wanna go!”, well you can. However, this is a pro-only event so you will have to have credentials (students can also attend). For more info about what qualifies, how much tickets are, etc. check this page. Local 706 Union members get in free w/ union card.
Hope to see you at the show! Let me know if you’re going too.