Too Faced’s New Mascara is Better Than What?!


I meant to blog about this a while ago when I first got an email blast from Too Faced about their new mascara, but stuff happens; I get busy. But then I was cruising Sephora looking for stuff to add to my birthday wishlist (don’t judge me – you do this too), I saw it again and was reminded that I HAVE OPINIONS.

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My ULTAmate Wish List


ULTA is sending out those magical 20% off cards again! They’re good for 20% off almost anything in the store, including most of the prestige brands, with a few exceptions. The one going around right now exclude Lancome, Dermalogica, and Urban Decay, but if you’re going to take your coupon on a little haul, check out my recommendations!

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Face of the Day 4/26/12

Today I’m experiencing the rare combination of feeling photogenic and actually having time and lighting to take pics for a face of the day post! Today’s face of the day is…

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