Get The Look – Orange Lips


Y’all know I love me some orange lips! But wearing bright orange lipstick can be intimidating since it’s such a bold, fashion-forward look! Luckily L’Oreal has this great little video that shows you a very simple look with orange lips. Even better is all of the products in it are available at the drugstore. I like using drugstore products to experiment with a look I’m not sure I’m going to love. Don’t buy a super expensive high end orange lipstick as your first one! Try the beautiful one in this video instead for under $10. Hooray!


By the way, this video contains links to buy the products featured. These are not affiliate links, so I’m not slacking in disclosing affiliate links. :) xoxo Feel free to buy via the links though! 

Coming Soon: Lancome Curler Chronicles

Because I’ve been loving me some Lancome lately, I wanted to share this cute little video they put together. It’s a teaser/trailer for a series of lash curling videos called The Curler Chronicles. So cute, right? Here’s the video…

Lancome also invites you to share your lash tips and tricks on their Facebook page. What are your lash-related secrets? Mine are…

– Comb your lashes before and after applying mascara to avoid clumps and tangles.
– Clean your lash comb with dental floss soaked in makeup remover.
– Always curl your lashes twice. (It just works better for me!)

VIDEO: Nail Polish Storage & Favorite Polishes

Another video! If you’re 21+, you can play the drinking game. Very simple, just take a drink every time I say the word “pretty”, lol.

The video features my massive nail polish stash and its “containment system”, which is a red Ikea helmer. I’m not sure how many there are; I’ve actually never counted! I love the helmer. It was not that much money, looks nicer than plastic drawers, and is a lot more sturdy. It wasn’t even very hard to put together (Mr. Boyfriend helped). It also comes in grey and white, but I wanted the red to kinda jazz up my office area. If you wanted to, you could decorate it with magnets, as the whole thing is made out of metal.

All of the polishes featured as favorites were purchased by me. I get my polishes & nail supplies from:

Cherry Culture
Migi Nail Art
Buy In Coins
brand websites like MAC/Urban Decay etc.
Makeup Alley swaps
drugstores like CVS & Walgreens
and various brick & mortar beauty supply stores

VIDEO: ELF Lipsticks First Impressions

How exciting! My first “real” youtube video, with my face and everything. I know my “camera presence” needs a lot of work, haha. But we all start somewhere and I’m working on getting more comfortable in front of the camera. Behind the camera is a lot more my style but I’m trying to be less shy.

Products Mentioned…

ELF Lipsticks ($1 ea.) in Classy, Seductive, and Gypsy – all available from!

If you have any questions about these lipsticks please leave a comment! :)

NYX Studio Liquid Liner Swatches

Here we go! Swatches of all 12 shades of the NYX Studio Liners (with bonus Super Skinny and Super Fat eye marker swatches). I’m really impressed with the studio liners. Once they set, they are vibrant and extremely budge proof. They also do not fade. I am particularly fond of Extreme Sky Blue.

Studio Liner vs. Skinny & Fat Eye Markers: The Extreme Black shade is “blacker” than the super skinny and super fat markers, and also a lot more stay-put. When I rubbed the swatches, the studio liners didn’t move one bit. The skinny & fat markers smudged.

NYX Studio Liners are $4.50 each.
The NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker is $9.
The NYX Super Fat Eye Marker is $10.
All are available at NYX Cosmetics.

Here’s a little video I did on these liners (MY FIRST VIDEO!)…

Products provided for reviewing purposes.