The Balm Hautelook Haul

TheBalm was on Hautelook again fairly recently, and this time I knew there was one thing I definitely had to have – the Meet Matt(e) palette! A while back they were on Hautelook and I snagged the Nude ‘tude palette and totally missed Meet Matt(e), which sucks because I wanted both, haha. Oh well!! Good things come to those who wait, because this time I was READY and I got my palette! I also grabbed a nail polish, having seen it on Vampy Varnish. Her blog costs me money. We’re both fair skinned and have similar taste in colors, heehee. So…without further babbling, the haulage!

TheBalm’s packaging is always so cute! And in this case, rather dreamy…

Ahhhh!!! I die. I love the back of the packaging.

And just LOOK AT THOSE COLORS!!!!!!!! omg. OMG. SO gorgeous. If you’re like me and kept waiting and wishing for UD to release a matte palette, forget it. Get this one instead. Seriously.

And this little lady is Coral Reef-ined. Delish!

That’s it for my little Hautelook haul. I have been hauling quite a bit lately (stress…I tell ya…), so stay tuned for some other haul posts in the future.


  1. How funny!  I bought the EXACT same polish!  I also hauled the primer, another pressed powder, the nude/pink lipstick, and Betty Lou-Manizer.  I already own Meet Matt(e) and it’s a GREAT palette!

  2. This is ironic because I bought those exact things – the Coral Reef-ined polish and Meet Mat. I haven’t had a chance to use either but I will soon.

  3. Fun way to market their make-up Matt(e).  I never thought of putting a man in the front of my product but this works really well :)  Can you post some photos of you wearing the eye shadow? I’d like to see what Matt(e) looks like. Thanks! 

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