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Sponsored or Advertorial Posts
Sponsored (advertorial) posts will be clearly labeled as such.

Press Samples & Free Services
The Gloss Menagerie does accept samples for review consideration.

There is never a guaranty of a positive review of a product (in fact we do not even guaranty a product review will be posted, though we try to get to all of them eventually). Product (and service) reviews are always completely objective and honest.

PR reps are not allowed to pre-approve content, and if they ask a less than favorable review be changed, the answer would always be no. The only time changes will be made to a post based on feedback from a PR rep or company employee is in the case of misinformation (such as incorrect ingredients).

Any reviews that are the result of press sample products will be labeled as such.

Affiliate Links
The Gloss Menagerie does utilize affiliate marketing networks. We have a number of affiliations with many brands and stores through a few different networks. When a consumer uses these links and then makes a purchase, The Gloss Menagerie earns a small commission. This money goes towards the expenses involved with running the site, and your participation is deeply appreciated.

All accounts of the effectiveness of various products described on the site are based on personal experiences, as well as occasional research into the experiences of others. Your results may vary. We are not experts, just product junkies. We are not responsible for any ill effects experienced after using a product written about on this blog.

Terms of Use
The Gloss Menagerie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. You are free to copy/transmit/distribute the content here ONLY if the following conditions are met:
  • You attribute the content to the author (Alyson Ben-Yehuda, The Gloss Menagerie).
  • You do not use the content for commercial purposes.
  • You do not alter, transform, or expand upon the content.
  • You link back to the original source (this blog).

For the full text of the license (complete with legalese), click here.

Note to LUUUX users: The Gloss Menagerie does NOT give permission for content to be used on your Luuux site. Period. Read more about that here.

For more info about how I feel about FTC disclosures, etc. click here.

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