The Rising Cost of Pretty Things

From CoastalScents’ website:

“The all new Super Shimmer 88 palette will be $24.95, this palette has higher production costs than the other palettes.

The palettes that were $19.95 will be increased to $21.95; this includes the original 88 pc palette. The fuel and energy charges have been risen considerably across the nation during the past 3 months, to restock those palettes, this slight price adjustment was unavoidable.”

Not a huge increase, but as we all know in today’s economic climate, every dollar counts. Coastal Scents is not the only company to raise prices this month. MAC’s new prices were effective July 1st. Like with Coastal Scents, the price increase is relatively small. We’ve already been seeing rising drugstore prices over the last few years. For me, it made me more into buying high-end. When the price gap between drugstore and high-end is smaller, why not just go for the high-end stuff, I figure. I am less about finding dupes and more about just getting the real thing lately. But with the cost of the real thing rising now, I’m not so sure.

Another thing I consider is proximity. I’m closer to drugstores. I filled up the tank of my Nissan Versa (for those of you who don’t know, this is a small car, basically Nissan’s version of the vw jetta) for just under $50 yesterday. Gas was $4.39 a gallon. The less fuel I need to burn to get what I want, the better. I’m already dying over my 40-mile round trip commute every day. I don’t want to drive the nail further into the coffin with extra mall trips!

What do you think? Are the price increases affecting you?


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