Too Faced’s New Mascara is Better Than What?!


I meant to blog about this a while ago when I first got an email blast from Too Faced about their new mascara, but stuff happens; I get busy. But then I was cruising Sephora looking for stuff to add to my birthday wishlist (don’t judge me – you do this too), I saw it again and was reminded that I HAVE OPINIONS.


Better Than Sex? I CALL SHENANIGANS. I also call complete BS about this “inspired by the curves of a woman’s body” business. I suspect it’s more inspired by other curved mascara wands out there than anything to do with boobies and hips. I thought we were gonna stop making ridiculous claims about mascara nowadays. If this mascara is better than sex YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.



  1. My IE has been giving me FITS today!! I am NOT a happy camper!

    But your post just made everything 500xs better! Seriously I could not stop laughing and smiling. Thanks for making my day!!!

    If this mascara is better than sex YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. > FOR REALLIES!!! LMAO!!

    • Alyson says

      LOL aww I am so glad to hear that. :)

  2. Andy says

    They’re playing with words !!! It´s a joke you know^^

    Sure It’s not better Than sex, but Too Faced created a special name for this mascara just to shock your mind!!!
    I explain. Cosmetics company create so much products better another one, better than the Last one, better thàn the best of The best… So, Call him better than sex, get your attention !!! Now you know so next Time Understand, try to know why before writing in your blog so bad explication! Thanks Andy

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