Top Hair Styles for Fall 2013


What are the top hair style trends going to be for Fall 2013? I got the scoop from stylist Mario Russo of Salon Mario Russo in Boston!


For Fall 2013 we’ll see fewer cuts with severe blunt-cut bangs, and more long bangs with texture, blending into the sides and framing the face.

Psst, Gloss Menagerie tip: Not sure which way to part your bangs? Cover up the eyebrow you like the least. ;)



Ombre locks are here to stay! Fall ’13 ombre is a more subtle take on the look, which if you’re not familiar is a gradual lightening of the hair from root to tip.

TGM says… Also keep a lookout for reverse ombre, which is just what it sounds like – hair getting lighter as it gets to the root. I’m personally not a fan of most reverse ombre dye jobs, but I’ve seen a couple on Pinterest that looked cool.



Along with ombre, the headband trend is still going strong! Wide headbands can dress up any look and are a fun way to accessorize your outfits – even when bundled under fall coats.

TGM: You can often find cheap headbands at discount stores, which you can then embellish yourself with a hot glue gun and a little flair. ;)


In addition to the headband trend, we have the ponytail cuff or wrap. Be on the lookout for ponytails adorned with metallic, beaded, or leather cuffs.

TGM says…I’m loving the metallic accents of these cuffs. It’s a very modern, easy to do dressed up look. It’s also a way to wear a bit of bling even if you aren’t a huge jewelry fan.


Will you be rocking any of these hair trends this fall?


  1. It feels nice to return to fashion posts of last year. It helps to count the part of the fashion circle the time is in. Some of these styles are for forever! I think all fashion trends exist together at the same time. Its just that some are more pronounced, and so become trendy.

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