Ulta’s New Rewards Program

In my last Ulta circular they made a big reveal– a new ULTAmate Rewards program. The new program is effective July 1st for my area (so-cal). Apparently it has already rolled out in nor-cal. Other areas may not be changing over yet.  All previous reward program members are automatically enrolled, but they made no mention of if our points carry over so you might want to check on that. They also did not mention if the points will only be bankable for certain time periods. The previous program only had bank periods of approximately 3 months. I’m assuming the bank just carries over because the new program has some pretty hefty rewards for large point totals.

The biggest change to make note of is it is no longer $1/1 point. You now get 4 points for every $1 you spend. They also have specific events during which your purchases will earn you extra points. Certain items in the store will also earn you double or triple bonus points.

Each point level can now be redeemed for a $ amount off your next purchase or a salon service. The point levels are as follows: (value amounts are approximate for skin care services as prices may vary store-to-store)

500 points = $4 off your next purchase or Eye Rescue Treatment ($30 value)
1000 points = $9 off your next purchase or Signature Cut ($45 value)
2000 points = $20 off your next purchase or Dermalogica Skin Treatment ($55 value)
3000 points = $32 off your next purchase or Area Highlights ($70 value)
4000 points = $45 off your next purchase or Haircut/Style w/ Accent Highlights ($105 value)
7500 points = $100 off your next purchase OR signature cut, highlights, and dermalogica skin treatment ($160 value)

I’m all for this. I’d much rather get $4 off something I want than a free Maybelline Great Lash lol. The salon services are a much better deal than the $ off. I’ve gotten my hair done at Ulta before as well and was quite pleased with the work my stylist did for me. Frankly, I’d much rather spend my money at Ulta and get salon services and than spend them at Sephora because mostly their beauty insider gifts aren’t worth the $500 or whatever you had to spend to get them!

What do you think of the new program? Have you seen similar changes in your area?

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