Umberto Dry Clean Dry Shampoo

You know us beauty bloggers. The grass is always greener. We’re always looking for that perfect product. Well before I headed out to IMATS, I wanted to pick up a new dry shampoo. I colored my hair again fairly recently and was having one of those “ok this time I’m REALLY going to take care of my color” moments. Now, first of all I realize that’s kinda silly coming from someone who uses $3 Revlon Colorsilk dye, but hey. Whatever. I’ve been using sulfate & paraben-free shampoo & conditioner when I do wash, and trying to wash less often.
Enter – dry shampoo. My dry shampoo experience is fairly limited. Before trying Umberto Dry Clean Dry Shampoo, I’d only tried Batiste. Batiste isn’t bad. Really. But I figured there has to be something better. At the moment, I’m not sure there is. Umberto disappointed me in a big way. 
The bottle (can?) promises it will refresh, cleanse, remove excess oil, and add volume. You are to spray it in short bursts approximately 6 inches away from your hair, and “buff” it in. I followed the directions and waited for my hair to miraculously look amazing (lol). So how did it do on its promises?
It did seem to add some volume on the very top of my head. However, the back of my head still looked pretty flat. The ends of my hair remained pretty darn limp. It seemed to absorb a little of the oil, but not by much. The biggest disappointment was that because it’s a spray-powder, it leaves kind of a haze. If you spray it too close to your hair you can see white-grey streaks on dark hair. At the correct distance of 6″, I still noticed kind of a grey cast or haze on my brunette locks. Because of the grey cast my hair looked dull and lifeless. 
Should you try this? Well, if you have fine hair that you want to volumize the day after washing, maybe. If it’s pretty oily, you probably won’t have much luck. If you have dark hair, you might not want to deal with having to buff it in so much. If you’re blonde and only slightly oily, you could possibly benefit from using this product. Still though I think there are probably better dry shampoos on the market. Heck, I’d probably choose baby powder over this. Yes it’s also going to give you a grey cast but I find it absorbs more oil and at least smells nice. Bottom line: I’ll stick with Batiste (which you can get at Ulta or Sally’s).
My biggest regret about purchasing this is that I bought it at Target. They have the crappiest return policy about personal care/beauty items. I really have got to learn to stop trying new things from Target. 
Availability: Target | Ulta | Amazon

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