Upcoming MAC Collections

MAC releases a new collection about every 5 minutes, it seems. Here are some of the upcoming collections.

February has 3 collections: Cremeteam, Hello Kitty, and Well Defined. I want the new purple lipstick coming out in the Cremeteam collection, but that’s where my interest in February MAC ends. Hello Kitty just looks…blah. None of the colors interest me at all. And Well Defined is a new foundation. The foundation sounds cool but all of MAC’s shades run way too dark for me. Next!

March also has 3 collections: Sugarsweet, Grand Duos, and Kitty Kouture. Kitty Kouture is super expensive Hello Kitty crap with rhinestones on it. No. Thank you. I think the powder compact is 90 bucks or some ridiculous price like that. Ew. But Sugarsweet and Grand Duos is where I really get in trouble and I hope I have more money by then.
Sugarsweet has a gorgeous new mineralized skin finish coming called Perfect Topping. It has *lavender* in it. Bonjour! It looks kinda similar to Lightscapade from the Danse collection. And what, you may be asking, is a Grand Duo? They are duo blushes. One half is marbelized like a MSF, and the other half is a regular mineralized blush. Oh lord. I need. Those. I’m obsessed with MSFs and mineralized blushes…and these are both.

For more details on what these collections actually contain, as well as photos, check out Specktra, Temptalia, and Bjooti.


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