Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume 2

Okay, lets try this again with feeling. As some of you may have caught, I posted these photos and swatches of the Book of Shadows Vol. 2 a couple days ago. Urban Decay asked me to remove them. Why, I’m not entirely sure, but I did not want to get in trouble or get anyone else in trouble. Mostly I didn’t want my friend to lose her job since she is an employee.
However, now that the cat is out of the proverbial bag (after all the palette is available for sale on their website – $48), I am putting them back up. The photos were provided to me by the owner of the palette. Please do not use these, as I have permission and you don’t. :P
I do encourage you to click and enlarge them, though. :)

Top Row:

Perversion (black matte), Gunmetal (Dark blue-grey with very slight sparkle), Ecstasy (paled out pink-purple), AC/DC (Smoked out ashy purple), Nylon (light taupe with sparkle like Sidecar from last year), Sellout (pale cream shimmer), Mushroom (deep grey-taupe. DELIGHTED this was made a powder from the cream shadow!!!), Sphynx (another cream to powder transition. Baby pink with irridescent sparkle)

Bottom Row:
Half Baked (warm gold-bronze), Twice Baked (deep charcoal brown with brown sparkle), MCRA (needs no description), YDK (silvery pale taupe), Jinx (Deep aqua blue), Flipside (blue-hued turquiose), Homegrown (shimmering gold-green), Misdemeanor (photo’s DON’T Do it justice. Smoky brown-grey-green powder with a blue-green duochrome. LOVE!!!)

I am pleased to say that there are 7 new shades exclusive to this palette (and god they’re gorgeous) including 2 shades we already know but previously as cream shadows– Mushroom and Sphynx. I’m particularly enthusiastic about Misdemeanor and AC/DC though. ;)

Also good news– the brushes from the previous volume have been replaced with 2 mini sized 24/7 liners in Zero and Bourbon. I love those and I’m thrilled. And how cute is the little “baby” Primer Potion??
I can’t wait to get my paws on one of these. How about you?


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