Urban Decay Eye Shadow Swatches

I recently got my new custom Urban Decay palette with six shadows (actually seven if you count the Walk of Shame shadow that each palette comes with). I don’t have pictures of the palette system yet but I did take pictures of the shadows swatched on my hand. And who doesn’t love swatches right?

When picking my colors I decided to pick three colors and three neutrals. I went with Haight, Loaded, and Rockstar for my colors (how could I resist a purple?) and X, Roach, and Lost as my neutrals. Voila!

Top Row L to R: Haight, Loaded, Rockstar

Bottom Row L to R: Roach, Lost, X, Walk of Shame

I tried to get this as color-accurate as possible, but Haight is a difficult color to photograph. It’s a tinge greenish in real life and in my photo it looks straight up blue. Here are the colors again:

If you love purples, you should definitely get Rockstar. I love that it is definitely purple (not too much blue), but it does have enough blue added so that it most likely will not look all bruisey on my eyes. Here’s a closer look at the neutrals:

Oddly enough X is probably my favorite. I love them all though. X is a pinky-gold-peach shimmer shade that just glows on the skin. All of the shadows have excellent¬†pigmentation. These swatches were done with just a slight swipe of the surface and one swipe on my hand. They feel very silky, and even the sparkly shades didn’t really have any fallout. The newer formula was said to help eliminate fallout from the glittery shades and I think it does help quite a bit.

The swatch of Walk of Shame is hard to see, but not for lack of pigmentation! The shadow is just a fairly similar shade to my skintone. It’s slightly darker and yellower, but could probably pass for a slightly mismatched foundation haha. It’s matte, very silky, and will be a great blending/transition shade. I popped it out of the palette and put it into a single compact because it’s the type of color that I can use with any palette or singles. I don’t think it’s so amazing that I would want six of them if I had six palettes though. That goes for the brush as well. But more on the brush and palette itself in a later post with more photos.

So far so good with the new UD shadows – these seven are great and I really like them. I’ll be posting about the palette system itself later once I get a chance to really use it, see how it functions in my beauty routine, etc.

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  1. Urban decay never disapoints, I love all of the colors but Walk of Shame is my favorite!

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