Urban Decay Revolver Fragrance Oil

Summertime is the best time. That is when my birthday happens– August 22nd! That makes me a Leo. Please send presents. :)

No, really. I love presents.

But seriously, I love summer. This is going to sound weird, but I love summer for the summer nights more than the daytime. Being so gloriously pale, I prefer to just stay out of the sun as much as possible and go out in the late afternoon/evenings. The problem with this is it gets cold at night. But not in summer. Yay! Also, outdoor malls and such are all open later during summer. Hooray! I have so many fond memories of summertime and hanging out with my friends and family. They say some of the best memories we have in life are tied to smells, and Urban Decay’s new fragrance oil Revolver just smells like summer. 

Revolver’s top notes are lychee and pineapple, but not that fake syrupy pineapple I’ve smelled in other fragrances. This really smells like delicious juicy pineapple. But it’s more complex than just smelling fruity. There’s a mid note of fig and sheer musk and amber base notes to give the fragrance more depth and maturity. Don’t freak out when I say musk. It’s not gross heavy musk, I promise. ;) Think of the fruity top notes as a summer day and the rest of the notes as your steamy summer night. Yeah. See what I did there?

Revolver is available exclusively at Urban Decay.com for $26. The adorable bottle is 4 ml which sounds very tiny (and it is pretty small) but please remember this is a highly concentrated fragrance oil. You really only need a few drops on your pulse points and it really lasts. This will be enough to last you all summer and then some. But don’t wait if you want it, because it’s limited edition!

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