Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream

Have you ever tried something and really wanted to love it, but just couldn’t?

Yeah that’s kind of how I feel about this stuff. :\ I’d tried other forms of Veet before and been enthusiastic, so I was glad to get the chance to try this kind.
On the plus side, it’s inexpensive so if you just want to try it out it won’t kill your wallet. It runs about $6-7. Also, the big deal about this one is the sprayer, and that part of it is very good. It sprays consistently and evenly so you don’t even really have to try hard to get an even layer, which I know from experience is essential to it working correctly.
However, I can’t say this was a product I enjoyed using too much at all. And that makes me sad. The instructions say to wait 3 minutes, test a small area, and then either wait 3 more minutes or go ahead and scrape the rest of it off with their bladeless razor (which by the way is an ingenious tool). I applied. I waited 3 minutes. Because of the whole burning hair thing, it began to smell pretty rank.
I did a test patch. Seemed to be working. So I dove in. Well, after scraping it off (you basically shave, but there’s no blade in the thingy), about 25% of the hair had been removed. Which for those of you math wizzes out there means this stuff isn’t too great on the first go-round. :\ So with the next section of leg I waited about 5-6 minutes. Still hair left over. I had to scrape kind of hard to get the remaining hair to pull free, which it did eventually. I had to do that or it would have just rubbed off on clothes or something and that’s err, gross. So my leg was kind of irritated from the scraping, so I decided to just rinse off and be done with it, not moving on to the next leg.
Rinsing. Interesting. This stuff is nice and foamy until you add water. Then it turns into slimey goo. :\ Gets very slippery in a tub. And it takes quite a while to really rinse ‘clean’ from the leg and all the surfaces of the bathtub.
And now my leg is super irritated. To the point where if my very lightweight shorts touch the skin on my leg, it hurts enough to make me curse. :\
Soooo yeah, I’ll be sticking to my trusty Venus Divine and Kiss My Face shave cream, because I haven’t found anything that works better.


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