Wardrobe Staple – Old Navy Shelf Bra Cami

Even though I am the first to assert that I am nowhere near a fashionista, I do have certain things that are no-brainers that I can share. :) The first wardrobe staple I’m going to share with you is the Old Navy Shelf Bra Cami.

A friend of mine turned me on to these camis when we were discussing her (at the time) recent transition from a t-shirt and jeans uniform to wearing more girly tops and accessorizing. She and I both are rather large-chested, and one thing she mentioned was a concern about showing too much cleavage. There’s a time and a place for that, haha. A place where too much cleave is a bad thing is the workplace (well, depending on your line of work…), especially for my friend, who is a hairdresser and has to lean all over her clients all the time. It could be really awkward if she had her girls hanging out! She explained that she’d found a solution that I just HAD to try out. “They’re like, just the best camis ever,” she gushed. I must say, I agree. I’ve had several in my wardrobe at all times ever since.

Why are they so great? They’re just simple cotton camis with the elastic shelf bra inside. What I like about them is they’re soft cotton so they are comfy to wear layered under low-cut tops (or even just by themselves under a hoodie, or to sleep in!), but the shelf bra is key. I actually pull the elastic “bralette” over my regular heavy-duty lift & scoop big lady bra. The result is everything stays “up” while the cami itself smoothes my silhouette. It’s an instant lift & smooth foundation garment without paying ridiculous prices for something from Spanx. Don’t get me wrong, I love Spanx, but they’re ghastly expensive.

The Old Navy camis will run you about $13 each, but they frequently go on offers where if you buy more than one you can save a few bucks off the price on each. You’ll want to get a bunch since they come in a ton of colors. They also come in a v-neck variety, which I like just as well.


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