Weekend Drugstore Haul


Who doesn’t love a good drugstore haul? I woke up before Mr. Boyfriend on Saturday and decided to adventure over to a Rite Aid I haven’t been in before, because according to the magical internet machine, that Rite Aid carries Black Radiance. BR is a Markwins brand, the same company that makes Wet ‘n Wild. 

Like Wet ‘n Wild, Black Radiance has some gems that are not only nice makeup, but very affordable. But when I lived in Orange County, none of the local shops carried it. Now that I’m up in LA county, it’s more readily available. I had never seen a BR display in person! I had a few things in mind to check out, and I also asked my Twitter followers what they like from the brand, and armed with that list in my head I went out on Saturday.

The BR display at this store was pretty small, and as I’m discovering now (thanks again, internet machine!) did not have the entire line. The only product I have used much by BR is an eye shadow duo called Dawn/Dusk with 2 pretty purples in it. They didn’t have any shadow duos at all at this location! But I did happen upon this gorgeous quad, which BR calls an Eyeshadow Quartet.

br quadBlack Radiance Eye Shadow Quartet in Moroccan Mix 

Lovely isn’t it?! I thought it would be great for some summertime bronzed looks without being too bronze for my complexion. Love that pop of teal blue too. I don’t have any shots of it open (which is why you can see the reflection of my phone cover lol) because unfortunately that buttery yellow gold shade had chipped a bit and the inside is quite dusty! I will be doing a post with more in-depth pics and swatches later though. :)

downtown browns2Black Radiance Eye Appeal Shadow Collection in Downtown Browns

Does this look like anything you’ve seen before? The Black Radiance Eye Appeal Shadow Collection line are 8-pans that look identical to Wet ‘n Wild’s 8-pan palettes. Of course being crammed full of neutrals, TAUPE, and purple I HAD to bring this home with me. Little weird that there doesn’t seem to be much brown in it for the name, but I don’t care. It’s gorgeous!

In addition to the shadows, I heard good things about the baked blushes, so I picked up a pair of them:

raspberry blushBlack Radiance Artisan Color Baked Blush in Raspberry

plum sorbet blushBlack Radiance Artisan Color Baked Blush in Plum Sorbet

Remember how I said in my Covergirl Outlast nail polish post that I would be picking up more of these? Didn’t take long! And those weren’t the only polishes I picked up, because uh, moderation sucks.

cg polishesCovergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Mint Mojito and Crushed Berries

julieg polishesJulieG Nail Color in Holla-Peno and Shark’s Cove

girly polishRevlon Nail Polish in Girly

loreal polishL’Oreal Nail Color in Miss Pixie


  1. I like Black Radiance Eye Shadow, nice color.

  2. Great little haul! I have no access to even Wet & Wild, but wow those look similar to them! The blushes look identical to Milani baked blushes too I think?

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