What is Going ON Here?

I got an email this morning about a new freebie e.l.f. is giving away. Nothing really new to see here; it’s one of their mini makeup kits. Now it’s red for Valentine’s day. Fancy.

But what caught my eye about this advertisement is…

(click to view full size)
I’ll give you a moment.
Give up?
WTF is going on with her EYELASHES? It’s either really bad mascara or, a better guess is really odd looking lash extensions…or maybe she even uses Latisse. I’ve heard it can cause your lashes to look all…tangled. But it definitely made me go “wtf?”. I didn’t spit out my coffee though because I haven’t had any yet. :( *whine* Ok let’s all feel sorry for poor Alyson who has had no coffee.
But really. Whoa.

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