What To Do With ALL That Makeup

So, makeup mavens. What do you store your stash in? Do you have a vanity? A traincase? A shoebox?

I currently have a vanity (which is actually a desk), but I also have some stuff stored on my actual computer desk. The reason for this is I tend to do my morning quick makeup at my desk rather than in the bedroom where my vanity is because Mr. Boyfriend is still sleeping at that hour and I do not like to wake the sleeping beast. ;) It makes him cranky. I figured I might as well embrace the fact that I always have makeup all over my computer desk anyway, except now that I have a storage unit on my desk there is now room for another important desk accessory:

That’s my cat Sienna. Curled up on a totebag and the latest issue of Glamour. By her foot is the box from my ELF studio bronze/blush duo, and my Sony CP apple lip balm. But behind her is the little drawer unit that holds my skincare treatments, sunscreen, moisturizer, etc. and a ton of lip products. What I keep on my desk is the stuff I use every single day, stuff I’m going to review, and certain color products that I just can’t get enough of at the moment.

Oh, and for real hardcore makeup lovers…to the far left of the screen, upside down, next to Sienna’s paw is a little pot of love: Mad Minerals indellible cream shadow in Nude Frost.


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