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Stila’s much-awaited Lip Enamels have finally arrived. These are opaque, long-lasting lip colors and they look gorgeous. Check them out at Stila’s website. Also be sure to check out their “vintage” section, where Major Lash mascara is a measly $5.

MAC’s In High Def collection has launched today. But does anyone care? This collection is a bit of a yawn and a bit of a “why bother” for me. There are 4 new lipstick shades, but other than that it is just promoting products already in the MAC line– Face & Body foundation, Mineralize Skin Finish Natural, and the 187/188 brushes. Yawn. If you’re curious about the lipcolors, they are:
Resolutely Red – Deepened claret (Lustre)
Close to Real – Light neutral peach pink (Lustre)
High Def – Midtone neutral coral (Amplified)
Sharp Focus – Deep brown plum (Lustre)
I’m not terribly interested, although since I have some back 2 MAC empties I might check out that peach pink shade. I’m a peachy pink addict anyway. And it would be free, so why not?
Ulta has been adding a lot of new brands to its repetoire lately, which makes me very happy. Recent new additions (wow I almost typed this as “addictions”– how telling!) include Korres, Mario Badescu, Bliss, and now the newest addition: Philosophy! Awesome! Ulta has a special for this weekend where you can get free shipping on any Philosophy purchase, too. Code: 36077. They’ll also throw in a sample of Unconditional Love fragrance!
Urban Decay is at it again, outdoing themselves every time with each new launch. Urban Decay doesn’t screw around with launching new products. There are some amazing new things available. Here’s what they’ve cooked up this time…
New 24/7 liner sets! Stereophonic and Hi-Fi. These are extra special because they contain a glitter liner in each set, and there are 2 new *exclusive* colors: Crash (deep plum) and Mildew (deep green).
And the 24/7 SUPER STASH. Oh lordy lordy I need this. It contains 9 mini 24/7 liners including some new shades: Corrupt (brown sparkle), Binge (navy), El Dorado (gold), and Oil Slick (black sparkle).
There is also a new palette – the Show Pony, and new Smoke Out kits that include all you need for sultry smoky eyes looks in a variety of colors.
P.S. did you Urban Decay junkies see that Rachel on Glee was holding a De-Slick compact in the scene by the lockers? I’m such a fanatic…


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