Win Prizes from SOHO Beauty!


SOHO Beauty has a couple of really cool giveaways going on all this year on Facebook that I wanted to share with all of you, because the prizes are awesome!

Let’s Go SOHO! (Weekly Giveaway)

This one’s a piece of cake. All you have to do is fill out a quick entry form that tells SOHO where you’re going on a trip, or where you’d like to go on a trip. You can enter every week, which you’ll want to do because the prize is one of SOHO’s train cases, a makeup bag, AND a travel makeup brush set.

Are You A SPACE CASE? (Monthly Contest)

Okay, fess up. Who here has a messy vanity, or a terrifying makeup bag? This contest is for you! To enter, you have to submit a photo that shows SOHO what a slob you are, and how badly you need help getting organized. Then, SOHO fans will vote. Whoever has the most votes wins a SOHO train case, 2 countertop organizers, and a makeup bag – and the best part? You get to choose which ones you get! Also, since I know none of you would be so messy since you know better (right?!), we’ve decided that you can also enter a FRIEND’S mess. Sneaky sneaky! So take a picture and win them the help they so desperately need. ;)

Both of these contests are valid only within the US – sorry international girls! Not my call. :( In order to be eligible  you have to be a fan of SOHO Beauty on Facebook. I’ve personally mailed off these amazing prizes to the winners so far and they are definitely something I think you’d want to win! So head on over to the SOHO Beauty Facebook page and get in on this!


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