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Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this? I like to go to my favorite sites like Sephora, Ulta, etc. and just browse. Sometimes I even fill up shopping carts and “pretend shop” – I don’t actually order the stuff (I’d spend thousands of dollars lol…) but it’s just a fun thing I like to do. I’m not alone, right??? 

Anyway, I thought…this might be fun to share! Here are the things that made me go “ooo” when I was browsing Sephora tonight.

Oh hello there. What have we here? It’s the new Smoky Palette by Makeup Forever. It’s not yet available; it has the dreaded “coming soon” on the Sephora website. However, it’ll be just $45 which is a steal for 8 MUFE shadows. This went immediately on my Amazon wishlist!
And then there’s this new Sinner palette from Kat Von D. Kelsey (BalmaholicTV on youtube) told me about this baby. It looks really pretty, and apparently none of those shadows are those godawful cream shadows! This one is $35, and also not yet available – but that won’t stop me from putting it on my wishlist too. I will say that even though there are purples in this palette, I think I like the looks of the MUFE palette better.
This caught my eye a few days ago but I went back to look at it again and it’s still just as beautiful. Josie Maran has released 3 new eye quints (4 shadows and 1 shadow liner). The one pictured above is my favorite, called Beautiful Nudes. Don’t they just look like they’d be soft and buttery to apply?! They’re $36.
I have been wanting to try this since I heard of its release – the Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleansing oil. I have so much skin care that I’m trying to finish up though, I haven’t justified it. But I will get my paws on this eventually! Just you watch. I LOVE Purity Made Simple (the original, not the foaming or the wipes), so I’m anxious to see if I love this as much. 
Behold, the cuteness. A Hello Kitty shower cap. I’m not a huge shower cap person; I usually just use disposables. But this is adorable. The reviews say it’s sturdy and not a throw-away type thing, which is good since it’s $16. But what really caught my eye about this shower cap is the memory I have associated with shower caps. I used to have a white one with rainbow polka dots. My cat Sienna was just a baby at the time, and every time I’d put on my shower cap she would FREAK OUT, arch her back, and run away from me sideways while hissing with all her mighty kitten-ness. I wonder if she’d like this one better?
…plus bonus picture of Sienna, who is much more grown up and less afraid of shower caps now. ;)
A couple of other observations while browsing on Sephora:
WTF? Why is this Stila palette $75? This is coming from the makers of the blockbuster palette that was $20 at Costco? I are confuse.
Ooo, pretty shiny things – Nails Inc. is now available at Sephora. PRETTY. Have you tried any of these polishes? I’d love to know your thoughts. They’re a UK brand and I haven’t tried them before.
Did any of you pick up the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette? I did. I haven’t played with it much yet, but I wanna know what you guys think. Do you love it? Do you notice a difference in the new eye shadow formula?
That’s it for now! What have you been eyeing at Sephora lately?


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