WTF MakeUpAlley?

Is anyone else getting a little tired of MakeUpAlley giving bloggers so much sh*t for sharing their blog links with other MUAers?

Newsflash MUA Moderators: Bloggers are not going away.

I know why they do it…because many bloggers earn revenue through their blogs and sharing the link is free advertising and possibly generates revenue. MakeUpAlley only wants the people who pay them to get the benefit of advertising on their site (and there are ads everywhere on the site…but that’s a whole other topic!). Okay, understandable. I guess.

But seriously? Banning some of the most contributing members of your community? MakeUpAlley, no! Wrong idea. Bad. It makes you look like a-holes. People who care enough to blog about makeup in addition to chatting about it on your forums are the same people who write the most comprehensive reviews that make MUA such a great site.

So chill. the eff. out. Take your finger off the ‘ban’ trigger, moddies.

This will remain my opinion until MUA produces any evidence that a blogger has affected their income by taking revenue away. Yeah. Right.


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