Your Makeup Pulls An All-Nighter With Urban Decay’s New Setting Spray!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Urban Decay. While I’ve faithfully turned to MAC for all my basic must-haves like concealer, powder, and clear lip gloss (err, glass), Urban Decay has always been my pick for more indulgent makeup items. You know, glitter eyeliner, candy-colored gloss, bright sparkly shadows named after different kinds of trash… However, I’ve been totally blown away lately by the brand’s recent shift to include more practical staples. For example, now that I’ve discovered their eye shadow primer, I refuse to apply my makeup without it (I know I’m not the only one who’s hooked), and they’ve expanded to include multiple shades of the product as well as foundation primer. Who knew they had such practical tricks up their sleeves along with all their trashy-chic wild shades?

Now Urban Decay has recently released a slew of other “serious” practical products, including the new All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. Unlike primer, you mist it gently over your already-applied makeup to ensure lasting staying power — no creasing, fading, running, or whatever normal wear-and-tear beauty woes your look might endure over the course of the day (or night). It boasts a whopping 16 hours of makeup security, including heat and moisture protection, so you can sweat it up on the dance floor, “get your jacuzzi on,” or even cry through the night’s inevitable drama and still look flawless. That’s a pretty darn impressive promise that I’m just going to have to test out ASAP! Well, maybe without the crying…

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