Zoya for Peter Som Collection Review & Swatches

This year for NYFW FW 2012 Zoya collaborated with designer Peter Som to create custom shades of polish. Zoya color director Rebecca Isa created three shades–

Evvie is described as “rich, decadent, smoky eucalyptus cream”. It’s a beautiful green (leaning more towards blue than yellow) with smoky undertones. The formula is to die for it’s perfectly opaque and even in 2 coats that go on like buttah!
Audrey is a “warm, semi-opaque cream”. It’s a lovely peachy pale pink nudey color, but fairly sheer. Might even be nice for French manicures if that’s what you’re into. Personally I like it layered. It goes well over white, or under…
Katharine is a special shade. Katharine is a new formula that Zoya calls “nail gloss”. Nail gloss has half the color and double the shine of regular polishes. A vampy dark wine purple in the bottle, Katharine goes on sheer like delicious grape jelly. Worn by herself, Katharine gives the look of juicy candy nails. For a bit more oomf, she also layers beautifully over Audrey. I love this! As soon as I read about this color and formula I raced to the Zoya site to buy.
Evvie, Audrey, Katharine
The Zoya for Peter Som NYFW FW 2012 set was only available on one day from Zoya and of course sold out fast. It came in a sweet little gift box and I really love the colors! Zoya nail polishes are some of my favs and I’m really glad I was able to get my paws on this trio! 
Here’s some swatches on my nails…pardon the mess, I’m hopped up on asthma meds and they make it hard to paint with a steady hand. I wanted to just get these up so you could see them right away! 
Top to Bottom – Audrey, Evvie, Katharine

Top To Bottom: Katharine, Evvie, Audrey, Katharine over Audrey

Peter Som runway NYFW FW 2012 – photo from Vogue

What do you think of this collection? Is it your cup of tea? I’m dying to know what you all think of the new nail gloss. I loooove it and want MORE shades!


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