Zoya Touch Collection Review

Last week I told you about the new collection from Zoya- Touch. The little trio of nude polishes is available for pre-order now, and launches officially tomorrow (June 1). But how’d you like to see it now? :) 
My preliminary thoughts when they came were a bit of surprise. The three shades are very similar. I wasn’t expecting them to be so similar. They’re all lovely colors. The “kiss of metallic” is very subtle. Both in the bottle and on the nail you really have to look for it. It’s more to give the color more depth than to be really noticeable, I feel. 
As I swatched these yesterday, I realized the concept here was very similar to that of foundation. These are essentially the same shade but with radically different undertones. Now that I’m reading Zoya’s descriptions on their site, I can see this is what they were going for exactly. Now that I understand what they were going for better, I like this collection. This is not one of those collections that you want to run out and buy all of unless you do nails on other people. Good news – money saved! I think if you pick a color based on your undertones and go with just that shade, you’ll be very happy. 
It’s easiest to illustrate the differences in these polishes by showing them to you all on my hand at once. The picture below was taken in natural light w/o any flash. It’s very similar to foundation matching! Pardon the condition of my nails; this photo was taken before I did any post-mani cleanup. All three shades make kind of a super subtle skittle manicure that I kind of like, haha. 
Thumb – “Minka” 
Pointer – “Pandora” 
Ring Finger & Pinky – “Shay”
Same fingers as above, just wanted to show you a better representation of the metallic-ness.
Minka is described as pale milky beige-nude with yellow undertones. Zoya recommends this for those with neutral to olive tones. While this color is lovely, it really doesn’t look very good on me since I have very pink undertones. If you are also pink like me, chances are it will give you “lobster hands” (making your hands look redder than they are). 
Shay is a nude-peach with what Zoya calls red-orange undertones. I agree with their assertion that this is warm to neutral because it doesn’t look completely horrible on me. It’s not the best one on me either, but I still like it quite a bit. I’ve always had a thing for peach polish though. I think most skin tones could wear this one. 
Pandora is my “juuuuust right” shade – not surprising it’s the one described as mauve with cool, blue undertones. I was most excited about this one from the color descriptions anyway, and it does not disappoint.  This is also the one that I liked the formula best on. 
Now about that formula. I love Zoya polish formula in general. These are said to be opaque cremes (they rate them a 5 on a scale of 1 being sheer to 5 opaque). I would rate them more like a 4. To me, a 5 would be something like Wet ‘n Wild’s Black Creme – the most opaque polish I’ve ever used. It’s fully opaque in a single coat. These did require 2 coats to completely obliterate any VNL. Shay and Minka both went on an eensy bit streaky for me, but I’m not 100% sure if that’s the polish, or my nails being really ridgey. However, my other Zoyas go on pretty nicely so I definitely noticed a difference in these. Just keep that in mind when applying, and adjust the amount you have on your brush accordingly. 
Zoya nail polishes are $8 each and available at Zoya’s website
Samples provided for editorial purposes.


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