Note, by “guest contributors” I’m not referring to those of you who are trying to link-build for other websites. If you are trying to place content with contextual links for advertising purposes, please see my advertising page for more info.


I welcome guest contributors. Even if it’s just a cool makeup look you want to share, or some awesome nail art you created I would love to see!

I know there are a lot of you out there who would like to write reviews / posts but don’t necessarily have the time to run their own blog – I don’t blame you it’s a ton of work! But if you’d like to review a product for this blog let me know! I also occasionally look for guest reviewers when I have products I know I won’t get to or are wrong for me (wrong skin type, etc.).

To submit content for consideration, or to be on my list of people to ask when I need a guest reviewer, please email me – alyson (at) glossmenagerie dot com


When submitting content for consideration that includes a makeup look or nail art, please include clear photos & a breakdown of any products used!
Guest reviewers must provide their own photos for reviews. They don’t have to be spectacular DSLR hi-res photos. A decent camera phone will usually do fine!