Genius Beauty Tool: esum Pro Pinky Puffs

So I was combing through my massive pile of unread emails when I came across an advertorial email from Muse Beauty Pro about these nifty little guys, the esum Pro Pinky Puffs.


Pinky Puffs are liiiiiiiiitle tiny cosmetic puffs that slide onto your finger like a ring. They’re made of supersoft micro-cotton velour, designed so that you can touch/rest your hand on a face while applying makeup without disturbing or even making a dent in the makeup. See?



Genius! Now, I’ve seen similar puffs, but none so tiny as these. These also look more pillowy than the puffs I have seen. So cool!

esum Pro Pinky Puffs are available for $21 for a set of 6 at Muse Beauty Pro.