Neaclear Skin Care Review

I discovered Neaclear while doing one of my periodic perusals of the offerings at Ulta. It intrigued me, having heard so much about oxygen and skincare. The reviews on the Ulta website sing the praises of these products, so eventually I picked up a couple to try during a BOGO 1/2 off sale. I grabbed the Liquid Oxygen Facial Toner and Liquid Oxygen Facial Cleanser. Ulta only carries the most basic of the products (6 in all), but the line is actually much larger and has everything from mouthwash to hair care (check out Neaclear’s website for the whole line).

The packaging is pretty unassuming. Clear plastic bottles (however, I gotta say that I am stoked that the pumps LOCK. Makes traveling MUCH easier!!!) with clear product inside. No frills. Next to each other the bottles look pretty much identical, save the labels of “cleanser” and “toner”.

Neaclear Liquid Oxygen Facial Cleanser
Like I said, it’s clear. It’s a thin gel consistency and lathers pretty nicely. Neaclear says this cleanser will improve skin’s hydration up to 35%. I was intrigued by a gel cleanser that claims to be so hydrating. Usually hydrating cleansers have creamier textures. The formula contains vitamins A, C, D, and E in addition to aloe vera. The “liquid oxygen” is purified water infused with oxygen. It’s fragrance free and hypoallergenic. It has barely any scent at all, and it’s not even really describable. It’s very gentle on skin, but they do recommend you avoid contact with your eyes, so use a separate eye makeup remover first. I’ve used it to remove very minimal eye makeup in the shower, but better safe than sorry. ;)

I don’t really have any way of measuring if my skin is “up to 35%” hydrated, but it’s definitely not stripped or dry afterward. Many cleansers have that effect on my dry skin. Overall, it’s a pleasant cleansing experience and I like using it. I haven’t worn much heavy makeup lately, so I’m not sure how well it would eat up heavy foundations and concealers, but for my purposes it has been working great to remove tinted moisturizer and/or powder.

Neaclear Liquid Oxygen Facial Toner
Since the cleanser was so mild and practically scentless I was expecting the toner to be as well, similar to Sana Easy Peel or some of the other Asian toners I’ve used that basically feel like water on your skin. Not so much! It has all of the same great ingredients as the cleanser, but also has sage, rosemary, MINT, and peppermint oil! The mint is very…for lack of a better word, zingy and if you like a product to wake you up with a perky scent that’ll definitely do the trick! It’s also extremely cooling and feels wonderful! It makes my skin feel refreshed and soft, and I’m not sure if it’s just me but I feel like my moisturizer absorbs better. Again, not at all tightening or drying on my skin. Love it!

I think both products are worth trying out and complement each other. They also fit nicely into my skincare routine and work well with the moisturizers I like from The Body Shop. I will say if you’re only interested in one to grab the toner first. The cleanser is nice but fairly unremarkable used on its own. Both of these retail for $12.99 each at Ulta, but you can always save some cash by using coupons (it’s not a prestige product) and/or waiting for BOGOs.

My bare skin isn’t 100% perfect but I’m pretty happy with it! I don’t mind freckles. ;)