Gingerkitty Designs Earrings

I just wanted to show you guys the most gorgeous earrings!! These were handmade by the amazingly talented Tracey Barker of Gingerkitty Designs. I ordered a ring, and she included these stunning earrings! Isn’t that sweet? The reason why I am especially ecstatic about the earrings is because I am normally not an earring person. I have ridiculously sensitive ears and almost every pair of earrings (including high end ones) hurt my ears and I end up having to take them off within a few minutes of putting them on. But these don’t hurt my ears AT ALL! I wore them an entire day and it was fine. They’re so comfortable and so lightweight and GORGEOUS.

The nail polish I requested for the ring (and thus also the surprise matching earrings) is Orly Lunar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipse is one of my favorite polishes ever! It’s blue with blue shimmer that flashes purple. What’s not to love? Here’s a sort of blurry shot that shows a bit of the purple shimmer:

Tracey is so sweet and her work is GORGEOUS. I tried to photograph my ring, but I couldn’t get an accurate photo. It matches the earrings, except the setting is silver-tone and these earrings are more brass. If you dig these, they’re the “Lever-Back” earrings. The ring I got isĀ this style.

Do you have any of Tracey’s designs? They’re so so so pretty! And quite affordable too! My ring was about $25, which is a really good price for such a pretty handmade piece of jewelry.