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Okay this is a subject that has been driving me nuts for quite a while: face sprays. I see tons of posts about them, and I think there are a lot of misconceptions about all of the various sprays on the market and what they are supposed to do. They’re not all created equal and they’re not all designed to do the same thing. It’s really important to understand what it is you’re buying & using, because if you are expecting something entirely different, chances are you will be disappointed!

Facial Refreshers

There are many sprays out there that are meant to add moisture and refresh your skin. They work like toners. In fact, what’s the difference? The spray nozzle. Some examples of these are mark. Mist Opportunity, Clinique Moisture Surge Face SprayPhilosophy Hope Springs Eternal, and of course MAC Fix+. These products can be used to “finish” your makeup– a quick spritz does help powder products settle and look less powdery on the surface of your skin. However, these aren’t developed as or marketed as makeup sealing sprays, which are entirely different. These are designed to be used whenever you feel the need, over or under makeup, once or many times a day. I can’t stand to see these products get a bad rap for not being a good spray for making makeup last longer when that’s not it’s job. Fix+ is one of my favorite products *for what it is*, yet so many people expect it to make their makeup last all day and then cast it off as a useless product when it doesn’t.

Setting & Sealing Sprays

It was a very old school makeup artist’s trick to do a full face of makeup and then spray the poor victim with a light mist of, get this– hair spray to make the makeup stay in place. I barely even like it in my hair, let alone on my FACE. Finally some geniuses in the beauty industry decided to create products to seal and lock makeup in the same way hair spray locks your ‘do in place. Brands that have created these products are Model in a Bottle, Skindinavia, and Urban Decay (although UD’s were actually formulated by Skindinavia in a collaboration). Skindinavia and Urban Decay’s sprays come in several formulas with additional ingredients depending on your skin’s type and needs. These sprays are designed to be used once a day, a set it and forget it type product.

Not for your face.


Ok seriously do I even need to get into this? Evian Mineral Water. In a can. This is not moisturizing. Yeah it feels refreshing, but duh, you’re spraying water on your face. If you’re hot, that’s going to feel refreshing. Not rocket science. As far as the moisture goes, would you rinse your hands if they were feeling dry and call it a day? No. You’d apply a hand cream with something that actually moisturizes skin like shea butter or whatever. If you want to boost your skin’s moisture with water, drink a bottle of it instead of paying $2 an ounce for a can of mineral water spray. However, hats off to Evian for figuring out a brilliant marketing scheme to get people to pay $10 for a can of WATER. 


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