Awesome or Dumb? Pocksie

Soo I got an email from telling me about all the spiffy things going on there and they mentioned that now I can order Pocksie from their site.
Eh? What’s that, What on earth is a Pocksie?
Apparently a Pocksie (or pocksies, since they come in sets of 7 or 30) is a disposeable cotton pocket that can adhere to your clothing, hold stuff, and then be disposed of. It’s designed for situations when you need to carry cash/ID etc. but don’t necessarily want to carry a wallet or purse, like no pockets, out dancing, out running, etc. The pocket is made of biodegradeable cotton, so you can just toss ’em after you use it.
I’m not sure if I’d ever use Pocksie enough to justify the purchase, but it’s an interesting concept to me. I appreciate the fact that (to me) it seems like a good idea.
How bout you?


  1. Jessie says
  2. Anonymous says
  3. Robyn @ Purely Cosmetics says
  4. -MzDeeDeeLiCiou$ says
  5. googiemel says
  6. Hadyn says

    I would love one of these cause I don’t have any pockets so please let me have one

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