Betsey Johnson For Tweezerman

Dresses, shoes, bags, jewelry and… tweezers?! For a designer who’s all about tulle, sequins, and gaudy costume jewelry gone rogue with skulls and crossbones, tweezers may be an interesting new realm to tackle, but I have to say I’m sort of digging it! Betsey Johnson brings her flair for roughed-up girliness to the beauty arena with her new 3-piece collection of limited edition tweezers for Tweezerman, available now at Sephora. Roses, signature skulls, and even a printed homage to beauty icon Marilyn Monroe, these tweezers are a way to incorporate a little Betsey into your style if you normally find her designs a little too punk-rock prom queen for your taste! Plus, with a brand like Tweezerman, you know you’re getting more than a cheeky design or designer stamp of approval — these tweezers get the job done like no other!

Each pair of tweezers comes in its own white leather case (which I hope is worth the extra $5!), but aside from the design and packaging, they aren’t much different from the other tweezers from the award-winning brand, and still boast the same Tweezerman’s signature gripping and plucking power that you’d expect. As much as I love the patterns, I’m still not sure I’d go out of my way to choose a Betsey-designed pair over the just-as-functional non-designer options in the Tweezerman section at Sephora. Are these funky designs worth the splurge?

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