Bliss Bikini Perfect

I like gadgets. I do not like hair. Gadget that removes hair? Perfect!

Unexpectedly, my favorite purpose for this nifty doo-dad is EYEBROW GROOMING. It’s the holy grail of eyebrow grooming for my unruly brows. I use the eyebrow trimmer attachment with the comb on it to trim my brows pain-free. No more crouching in front of the mirror with scissors trying not to hurt myself or accidentally chop off too much. I literally run this thing over my brows as if I were going to shave them off, and get a perfect trim. Then I use the itty bitty micro-shave attachment to trim the little bitty baby hairs that grow off towards my temples that would take 50 years to pluck. I also use it between my brows because shhh…I would have a killer unibrow if I didn’t do something about it.

Erm, as far as actually trimming the bikini area, that’s another story. I don’t know about you, but it takes me a while to groom “that” area. It’s awkward, and you uh, want to make sure you don’t cut yourself or miss a spot. The problem with needing to take some time on this is if you keep the Bliss Bikini Perfect on for a while, it gets hot. And I don’t mean a little warm, but HOT. Like you will burn your nether regions with it. NOT okay. :\ I have emailed Bliss about this multiple times and have never received a response.

Another warning…never ever use the epillating attachment. It sounds like a jet engine grinding up rocks, and I just tried it and wound up drawing blood. I now have a neosporin-aloe vera mustache. If you don’t know what an epillator is, just don’t.

So um. As a bikini trimmer? Ehh…C-. As an eyebrow groomer? A+.

By the way I do still use tweezers on my brows to groom them. I like the ones from and they’re a dollar.


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