Bliss Blood Orange White Pepper Body Butter is AMAZING

Holy mother of god I’ve found it. Bliss Body Butter is the PERFECT body lotion. It should be illegal for skin to be this soft! The texture is thick and creamy like you would expect something called “butter” to be, but not greasy. It absorbs into my skin quickly and I feel so moisturized and refreshed. Sometimes you don’t realize how thirsty your skin really is until it gets a drink of something so yummy like this!

And the scent. Wow. I’m not even particularly “into” oranges or orange scents, but I picked it up and sniffed it in Sephora on a whim and have been addicted ever since!! I was already a fan of Naked (unscented) and Lemon & Sage, but Blood Orange + White Pepper is my new fave. I’ve been carefully rationing out my samples until my tube arrives in the mail. I love how invigorating this scent is. It’s great for first thing in the morning or for feeling just that much more “refreshed” after a shower.

Boyfriend says it’s a little too strong, and just holding some of it on your hand under your nose, yes it’s kinda strong. However, once you massage it into your skin it’s just a pleasant orange scent without being overpowering at all. Apparently this scent is limited edition, so I will try to hoard, err, stock up on, as much as possible.

Ooo, what’s this? This is The Big Orange, a little set of smaller sizes of the Blood Orange White Pepper body butter and shower gel! While the full size body butter is 8.5 oz and $35, this set is only $28. The lotion is 4.2 oz and the shower gel is 3.4. Plenty of product in there for loads of orangey love! A full size 8.5 oz shower gel retails for $24. There is also a foamy sugar body scrub for $36. Buy the whole set of lotion, shower gel, and body scrub for $85 @ Bliss. (You save $95). Personally, I purchased The Big Orange. I think the shower gel will be really nice for waking up in the morning. :)

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