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Sometimes I like doing these silly or fun posts as a break from all of the informative yadda yadda. :P This particular tag I got from FabDiva20. I would really love to see your answers! If you’ve done this tag or you decide to copy it and do it on your blog after reading this, link me!! And if you don’t have a blog feel free to put your answers in a comment. <3

blush or bronzer –  I don’t always wear bronzer, but blush is a necessity!
lip gloss or lipstick – Really depends on my mood. I like both. :) But rarely both at the same time.
eye liner or mascara – Mascara. I skip eyeliner often.
foundation or concealer – Foundation. It covers most of everything and I don’t get too hung up on a few spots showing through a little day-to-day.
neutral or color eye shadow – I like to experiment with color but I’m a neutrals girl at heart.
pressed or loose eye shadows – pressed, even though I have some loose ones that are really nice. Too lazy!
brushes or sponges – Most of the time brushes, but for foundation I’ll stick with my sponges thanks!

OPI or china glaze – Don’t make me choose! Love them BOTH!
Long or short – short
Acrylic or natural – natural
Brights or dark – psh, both. at the same time even?
Flower or no flower – well right now I have polka dots so it would seem awfully judgmental to say no flowers…hahaha…

perfume or body splash – I usually say perfume but I just got the most yummy body splash that I’m going to use like crazy – Winter Candy Apple from B&BW
lotion or body butter – usually lotion is plenty, but I love body butter for my hands and feet!
body wash or soap – Body wash all the way.
lush or other bath company – I’m more of a Bath & Body Works kinda girl

jeans or sweat pants – Jeans if I’m leaving the house. Sweat pants for lounging at home.
long sleeve or short – short usually. Although actually I really like 3/4 sleeves.
dresses or skirts – BOTH. I love them.
stripes or plaid – stripes for clothes, plaid for accessories
flip flops or sandals – flip flops. I have a gazillion pairs of the old navy ones.
scarves or hats – hats!! I love hats. I think it’s in my genes. My grandpa collects hats.
studs or dangly earrings – studs usually. if I remember to wear earrings in the first place. I have very sensitive ears and sometimes the weight of even the lightest danglies gets them angry with me.
necklaces or bracelets – necklaces just because I don’t have many bracelets.
heels or flats – Flats usually but I like heels too.
cowboy boots or riding boots – Being a former equestrian, wearing riding boots as fashion weirds me out. I suppose if I were a cowboy I’d feel the same way about cowboy boots haha, but between the 2 I choose cowboy boots for my fashion. :)
jacket or hoodie – hoodie is all I really need here in so-cal.
forever 21 or charlotte russe – Forever 21 for their cheap as heck prices and occasional plus size clothing gem.
abercombie or Hollister – Don’t shop at either one, so I couldn’t tell ya. Um, I guess Abercrombie for the hot models that stand around in the foyer at the mall on the weekends. YOW!
saks 5th or nordstrom – Nordstrom!!!

curly or straight – straight
bun or ponytail – my hair is still kinda short so I call it a “pony nubbin”. Usually easier to just tuck it into a “bun” of sorts.
bobby pins or butterfly clips – I don’t really use either one because uh, I can’t really figure bobby pins out they always look stupid. And butterfly clips remind me of 7th grade. I had a ton of little butterfly shaped clippies I would put in my hair all the time and felt very cool. ;)
hair spray or gel – hair spray, though I’m VERY picky about what hair spray I use!! Favorites are Bumble & Bumble and Fekkai.
long or short – Trying to have long hair!!! :)
light or dark – dark.
side sweep bangs or full bangs – I have overgrown full bangs right now. Thinking of trying side bangs next.
up or down – usually up just to get it outta my way

Rain or shine – rain!
Summer or winter – winter!
Fall or spring – fall!
Chocolate or vanilla – chocolate
East coast or west coast – I guess since I live on the west coast I have to say west coast ;)

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