Business Meeting Makeup Look

I had an early business morning today, and decided to share with you what I wore on my face! Sorry for the quality, it was just kind of a spur of the moment shot-with-my-phone kind of thing.

(click to view larger if you wish!)
My skin’s been doing some weird dry stuff lately (normally I have normal-to-oily skin), probably due to the ridiculous weather patterns in so-cal these days. Aand, as long as I’m making excuses for my appearance, gotta love how shadows make me look like I have a mustache! I assure you, I do not. ;)
On my face I just slapped on some MAC Studio Fix powder and sprayed the hell out of it with mark. Mist Opportunity on any dry spots to avoid it looking patchy. I did not bother with concealer because I was in a hurry and I could not find the concealer I wanted (which is why you can see the spot on my chin, oof!) but the one I would have used is Neutrogena 3-in-1 under eye concealer. I use that for blemishes that are healing (dry) because this concealer is very moisturizing but also gives good coverage. It never exacerbates (that’s a fancy word) dryness on my face.
For my cheeks I dotted on a little bit of MAC Pink Swoon, which is a sheer matte pale pink. It’s kind of a go-to blush color for me as it gives me a little bit of color (enough so that my cheek freckles don’t look weird) but isn’t like a neon sign across my face that I’m wearing blush. However, I’m kind of a fan of heavily applied blush in general haha. I played it safe for the meeting today. 
When I’m in a hurry and wanting to make a good impression I feel it’s best to keep it simple on the eyes, because invariably when I’m rushing and I try to paint the Mona Lisa on my eyes, I f it up and it looks all wonky. I lined my top lashline with MAC Sense of Style kohl, which is a gorgeous navy blue. Not wanting it to look so stark, I also took a fluffy brush and blended some MAC Kid eyeshadow in the crease for some definition. I finished off the eyes with a generous helping of Makeup Forever Smoky Lash mascara, which I’m really liking– stay tuned for a review coming soon!
And finally– lips. Try as I might to wear tons of different lip colors, my fall-back is always a good pinky nude. Makeup artists always put me in this color lip as well, so it must really work for me. It’s a safe color, and goes with pretty much everything. Plus, my lips are naturally a similar pinky tone, so it looks very natural with my coloring. The pinky nude lip today is MAC Patisserie.
If you want to recreate the look with bargain-friendly alternatives, here are some suggestions!
Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 powder
Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner
L’Oreal Voluminous mascara in Carbon Black
Maybelline Expert Wear blush in Gentle Rose
Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in Nearly There

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